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Sunday, 1 April 2007

CONsumerism (Part 2)

The New Social Movements of the 60’s failed to destroy the class system but their diversity unknowingly helped to create the new social divisions of the noughties, ’cool’, and ‘status’ The capitalist system absorbed the different youth cultures, each with their own distinct styles, and then sold it back to the kids as fashion . Advertising was and still is aimed at the sub-conscious; creating false needs of consumer goods and false feelings of inferiority. People aspired to a different lifestyle, purchasing new cars, fridges, homes etc made them believe they were better than the rest of society, but as in the Cold War the rest of society was doing the same because no-one wanted their neighbours to think they were less well off than them.
The game was starting to take shape. As time has moved on the stakes have become higher. Collective spirit has turned into individual self interest. Credit has made it easy for people to carry on consuming with out actually having the means to support the life styles they aspire to: Footballers, Popstars etc, etc . Technology has advanced and brought with it a whole new lot of false needs: mobile phones, 4x4’s etc, etc. The choice in the market place is massive and everyone wants the best, most powerful, and the most stylish of the goods available. The kids wanna be cooler than their friends, their parents want to be seen to having more status than neighbours and work colleagues. They are just playing the game.
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