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Thursday, 5 April 2007

SCUM OF TOYTOWN / TRANSWORLD SIREN - Stevenage Calling (split single)

This is the single that never happened, but most certainly should have back in 1994. Still it's never too late and somethings are worth waiting for. 4 tracks: 2 from SCUM and 2 from TWS. All re-mastered, de-hissed and beefed up by all round maestro mix maker Tim.K and his box of tricks. The 2 Scum Of Toytown tracks (Feedback and Different Drum) originally appeared on a Hunt Saboteurs tape released by The Square in Harlow and a local Hunt Sab group. They are prime slices of Scum Ska, that contrast perfectly with the Ministry meets Pop Will Eat Itself sub bass blast of Transworld Siren. Their 2 tracks (Subrenegade and Mine For Life) come from a demo that brought them to the attention of Fierce Panda records, but sadly that was all, nothing else happened and they never released anything commercially. A travesty.
Anyway check it out now, highly recommended. You know the score..it's just a click away: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rv5dgv


Andrew said...

Another cool Scum of Toytown post! Great stuff, thanks. I only ever had the album so anything else is fantastic.

billy said...

any chance of upping this again ?

Skank Against Statism said...

I'll second the request for a second upper. Keep me in the mood for political activism and decent music. Don't get me wrong, I love Crass et al to bits, its just that the Scummers can actually hold a tune!

Skank Against Statism

668 said...

Re-up please
(sendspace is a pain in the ass, anyway)