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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

'Going To The Disco' wiv THE CLASH @ The Roundhouse, London 5/9/76

5 gigs into their career and their last one with Keith Levine. From these days in 1976 you can see why THE CLASH became one of the few bands that have mattered. On stage early evening, before the bar had opened, polite applause from the assembled denim clad, sitting on their butts hippies. Their indifference saw Joe responding with his soon to be customary confrontational audience baiting banter. The bands anti-apathy, pro-action stance started here. The 40 minute set was a high octane rock'n'roll affair and showed what the future would be like. The final song 1977 sounds vital, a statement of intent and the audience has now become alive. After the gig Bernie Rhodes reportedly told the band they "were shit." Judge for yourself. This bootleg is an important piece of Clash history; 6 of the 15 songs have never been released and weren't performed live for much longer. The recording is brought to you via the good folks on The Clash Forum. Ignore at your peril, enjoy at your leisure: http://www.sendspace.com/file/g1ic31


Anonymous said...

wow.. can't wait to hear this!

Kazza said...

Thanks man!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No problem, got some more live Clash I'm gonna be posting over coming weeks and months.

nmos said...

superb! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey Nuzz,

You've been ripped off AGAIN.

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What Goes Around

brian stoat said...

Hey Nuzz!
Amazing site you got here, maaan:-)
Having trouble with the Clash Roundhouse and Victoria Park shows though. Any chance of reloading them to somewhere I can get at 'em?
Cheers, mate. I'll be seeing you...