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Sunday, 20 April 2008

Totally Random Music Postings #5

Something a bit different for you today. Welsh band Super Furry Animal's finest moment. It’s a psychedelic, prog rock, punk, techno trip of a track. Released in 1996, unsurprisingly The Man Don’t Give A Fuck a great political statement received no radio airplay, shame it would have made a great Number One. The chap flicking the V-Sign on the cover deserves a mention himself. Robin Friday was a talented 1970’s footballing bad boy with a penchant for mind expanding drugs and alcohol. He was once arrested at Cardiff railway station when he arrived from Reading (his previous club) for fare dodging, he also took a shit in another players kit bag after he’d been sent off for kicking the player in the face. Cardiff City had to let him go due to his volatility becoming a liability. He died in 1990 aged 38 from a suspected heart attack, they don't make 'em like Robin anymore. Super Furry Animals dedicated this single to his memory and his stand against the “man” check it out!



This is a great single and Robin Friday was indeed a legend saw him play loads being a Reading boy myself and saw him pissed as a newt many times also god bless him R.I.P.

irishdave said...

SFA are a band I can never explain why I like, I just do.I just never seem to buy there records when I see them. Thanks Nuzz for the chance to hear them again.

John Liedown said...

One my favourite single covers this Nuzz.
Rich Novocaine guitarist now does their live sound.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Hey marky, I was born in Reading, I remember my old man telling me about him a long time ago. I've got more respect for his 'antics' than I have for yer Beckhams and Rooney's. I know exactly what you mean Dave, thought you might like this one for some reason john, I'll be thinking of yer come the final, hope you get the result.


Hey Nuzz an old Reading boy where abouts did you live if you don't mind me asking?

Richard said...

Great record, great player. Great book out on him too; don't let the fact one of Oasis is involved put you off. It's called "The greatest footballer you never saw" or something similar. Incidentally, the player who Robin kicked in the face & shat in the bag of was none other than Liverpool FC lackey, sorry, BBC soccer "expert" Mark Lawrenson. Good on yer Robin! RIP.

alan f said...

great upload, great front cover... thanks nuzz