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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Same Old, Same Old, Same Old Shit!

What’s bin happening this week?, pretty much the same as last week and the week before, just different flavours of the same shit. Panic on the streets, people consolidating all their debts into one lump sum, that they’ll still have to pay back at a nice higher rate of interest. Bulk buying works out cheaper….Bollocks, it just encourages more waste and over indulgence, especially with food stuffs. Two for the price of one, we’re gonna either be sinking under a mountain of wastage or turn into a nation of fat bastards and as for alcohol, don’t think I need to say anything about the binge culture that has developed due to ‘bargain booze’ It’s all been about greed and not need. Lets hope that those who fell for the ‘capitalist con’ start to wake up and smell the roses, and realise that their castle has been built on shifting sands that could give way at anytime, sending their whole 42” plasma wi-fi connected world crashing down around them. There’s not even the football to look forward, that always helps unite a nation and take peoples minds off things, but no the England team are shite, a bunch of over paid, under performing under achievers, who, along with their SLAGS, or is that WAG’s have assisted in creating the culture of celebrity that has enslaved people into spending money that they haven’t got, their aspirations don’t reflect the reality of their lives, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better yourself, but at what price? But hey if it all goes wrong it’s not our fault. The issue of Immigration is still there; a slow burning fire, waiting for politicians to throw a few more logs of propaganda on it to get it ragging so the masses can draw closer and keep warm when times are cold, another trick in the capitalist con. Social Mobility, that’s another one, which entails people entering into homeownership, stocks and shares and all those other neo-conservative policies that have prevailed over our society for too long. What goes up often comes back down, and it comes down a lot quicker. The capitalist con doesn’t have winners and losers, there’s just losers, who like the England football team think they are winners with an overgrown/blown sense of their own importance. If people have played the game they should take responsibility for their actions and pay the price for keeping up and trying to over take the Jones’s, but that’s not gonna happen with Brown and his moral compass living next door in his house of prudence. The new 10p tax cut will reward those who played the game and penalise those that haven’t, just like those who’ve not got into debt end up pay more interest to support those that have, it’s all part of the continuing con, that will go On and On and On and On until people say No, No, No, No!


Anonymous said...

As Bart Simpson once said -

‘You mean bubbles can burst?'.

Nazz Nomad said...

hey, we got the pope in NYC... so we are all feelin' MIGHTY BLESSED. Even us non believers!
Why, just walking down the street, you just feeeeeeellllll the lorrrrrrrrddddd bestowing his light all over us!
And the water faucets are pouring out wine. It's not very good wine (actually a German Reisling), but hey, whaddya want for free!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

BANG! and popes can get shot!