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Tuesday, 2 December 2008

"You've got to know who the enemy is"

I dunno how much more of this shit I can take, there’s not enough time to pass comment on what’s going on and been going on. From babies killed under the noses of the state, and the vicarious media coverage and out pouring of public grief, to politicians arrested by the state for leaking information that our government would rather we didn’t know about. While anti terrorist officers raided Damian Greens house the war on terror exploded in Mumbai; just who are the terrorists. Thousands are losing their jobs and the Unions are saying nothing and the workers are doing nothing. What is it that they fear? Being branded terrorists for speaking out against the present regime, because that’s what it is a fucking regime that’s in danger of becoming a totality if we let it happen. Talking of totalitarian regimes; in China recently some office workers lost their jobs, so they smashed their office up, computers, desks, the whole fucking lot! I’d have thought they’d have a lot more to fear from their state than ours. So what’s gripping the public at the moment? The fucking X-Factor and I’m a Celebrity, and people are still getting their knickers in a twist about standards and swearing on the BBC. Like I said; I’ve had enough of this shit!
Still at least we’ve got the music, and it doesn’t come much better than this, it’s THE ENEMY with a live track Shed a Tear, which recalls The Clash and The Jam and points towards what could and should be an important album for next year, both musically and lyrically; the follow up to We Live and Die in these Towns. Here’s to hoping and waiting.


Anonymous said...


I know what you mean. The UK has turned into a land of celebrity-obsessed consumer zombies. For me the sign of a healthy democracy is some serious arse-kicking when the leaders get it wrong and sadly at the moment there's none of it. But the anger is out there and eventually there's going to be an explosion. Sadly it will probably be too late and it will be spun by the establishment as a smoke screen and to add further draconian legislation.

We have to be ready and people have to know who the enemy are, the spineless politicans on all sides who will sell this country up the river as long as their expenses and pensions aren't compromised.

I thought it was hilarious and horrendous that back benchers are threatening to protest at the State Opening Of Parliament over the way the Damian Green police business. It was wrong of course but the country is on the verge of bankruptcy, jobs and pensions are being wiped out by the million and MPs suddenly decide the Damian Green business is worthy of direct action!!!

F*ck me man, this country is in SERIOUS trouble. Do all you can to make sure they don't get away with it.

valerie said...

Enemy knowing the enemy may get you 10 years.