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Saturday, 20 December 2008

THE STRANGLERS - In Concert 1977/78 (Bootleg)

Another band that some felt didn’t fit the punk rock profile were The Stranglers, they were too old, could play their instruments, had long hair/beards, blah, blah, blah. Yes they were politicaly poles apart from some percieved punk rock theory, with their misogynistic, macho attitude and stance, politicaly correct they weren’t, but they still fitted into the punk rock picture. Songs like; Peaches, Bring On The Nubiles and I Feel Like A Wog, all guarenteed shock, horror and outrage, and all are featured on this bootleg made up from 2 recordings for the BBC. The first six tracks are from an In Concert recording at London’s Paris Theatre on 24/4/77, and the last five are from BBC TV’s Rock Goes to Collage when it visited The University of Surrey on 19/10/78, I don’t think this part of the evening was broadcast, because the band were a bit abusive to the audience, still that’s punk rock for yer. Anyway you know what to do if you fancy a blast of some vintage Stranglers, that’s right just click! As an end note, former Strangler Hugh Cornwall recently appeared on stage with The Paddingtons helping to keep the punk flag flying high.


durruti said...

I've always had a soft spot for the early Stranglers stuff, and went to see 'em quite a few times back in the day (up until the La Folie tour and all that nonsense). I recently grabbed a DVD of videos and live footage spanning their career, and it took me right back!

Cheers for this mate ;)

rjinblack said...

Awwwww beautiful! "We hate playing to elitist audiences so fuck off!" I love The Stranglers.