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Friday, 5 March 2010

CHELSEA - Live @ The Bier Keller. (Audio)

Chelsea were always a good night out in London town around 1983 - 85. This was recorded at The Bier Keller in Blackpool some time during that period, I don’t have the exact date. It’s the audio from the Cherry Red DVD/Video release, and captures the band in a typical confrontational performance some real in yer face rock’n’roll. Gene October knew how to get the kids going, a real showman, never given the credit he deserves. All the classics are here; Right To Work, Evacuate etc, some with added crowd contributions. The flyer that accompanies this post comes from 1985 and was used to promote the bands Valium Mother single. It’s nice to see that the record company spared no expense in the promotion department, unlike the band, who always gave 100%.


cat- north of watford junction said...

Highly underated, and one off my all time favourite bands after the clash and the jam, have some good memories from chelsea gigs at the marquee back in the 80's...Nice work nuzz

Longy said...

Well said Nuzz. With a name like Chelsea I was always going to like this band.

Anonymous said...

Was at the gig, seem to remember having a good night, although the bouncers there were always nasty sods! Apparently I'm on the video, but I've never seen a copy.

Seaside Moz

Anonymous said...

Steve Jones interviews Capt Sensible...i think, on his radio show (usa). Gene October is mentioned with reference to an ad in a erm..male to male contact mag..don't know if Steve is genuine in his memory, or trying a wind-up. The interview is blogged out somewhere...

Marky Dread said...

Nice work as usual Nuzz. I agree very underated band their timing always seemed to be wrong to me which was a shame as they were one of the first UK great punk bands.