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Saturday, 6 March 2010


So there’s gonna be live General Election mass debating on television. The three wankers from across the political divide are gonna put on the performances of their lives as they fight for our vote with their policies and plans to lead the country….. Lead! …..Lead the country like a dying dog where? To put it out of it’s misery? No just a chance to inflict more pain on the people. How they are gonna do this is what we’ll find out over the three live Britain’s got Politicians/X-Fucter debates. “Phone lines will close in 15 minutes….add 01 for more of the Brown stuff, 02 for some of Cameron’s new class con, and 03 for the other one. Now lets go over and hear what the judges think” Well I for one won’t be voting for any of ‘the acts’ as I don’t believe in the system the winner will be governing over. They talk of change but all they offer is continuation, it’s like karaoke cabaret, except it’s after they’ve won that they forget the words.
While Britain prepares for it’s election with endless propaganda the people sit back put the kettle on and wait….wait for what! In Greece the birth place of democracy, their economy is crumbling like the architecture, the government is under attack, people have taken to the streets to let out their anger against the system. Greek leaders are accusing Germany of being ‘Economic Nazi’s” for wanting them thrown out of the EU unless they sort out their finances, there are historic antagonisms over Greek gold that was stolen during WW2 by the Germans. Much the same as Britain really, our economy is fucked and we are at war in Afghanistan and Iraq over oil. Some have fears that unless there is a majority party after the election Britain’s economic crisis will worsen and its credibility as a nation will be damaged, pretty much like Greece’s has. So if everyone who doesn’t believe in the politicians lies and double standards of them and their liberal capitalist democracy doesn’t vote the chances of a hung parliament would become higher, as would those of the BNP I suppose, but that might be a risk worth taking, because I for one quite fancy seeing what would happen if there was a hung parliament. The good ship Britain might have to change course in order to survive the stormy waves it once ruled, or could it be a step toward a New European super state. None of the politicians seem keen on the idea of a hung parliament, why what have they got to fear...lose of power maybe? Anyway enough of this shit. Stay tuned! Respect to all my virtual Greek friends for fighting a real fight. Here in Britain many people are too complacent and compliant about the democracy they perceive to be living in. Freedom is a satellite TV dish and the choice of 150 channels of shit!


Highlander said...

"Freedom is a satellite TV dish and the choice of 150 channels of shit!" - classic Nuzz.

Anonymous said...

A few Right Wing economist scare mongers are talking up the double-dip-recession scenario if there is a Hung Parliament. In a few weeks time I predict Cameron will start banging on about 'Patriotic duty' to 'Get out there and vote!' (For him) to save the enconomy.

Tories starting to sound kinda desperate. Hague outsandingly embarrassing, and more importantly, unconvincing, when under pressure over the Non Dom row. They should put the 'ol right wing skinhead on the radio more often. Everytime he opens his hesitating yap, it's ten more votes to Labour.

corbypunk said...

the government may change but the state remains the same