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Saturday, 6 March 2010

HEAVY METAL KIDS - BBC In Concert 1977

What can I say about the Heavy Metal Kids that I didn’t say when I posted their Live and Loud album? Fuck knows can‘t remember it was a while ago. Apologies if I sound like a stuck record, but here we go…. The band weren’t Heavy Metal, more like Prog-Punk, not long drawn out beasts of songs about mystical fairies, theirs were short sharp tales of Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll. Fronted by the charismatic and theatrical Gary Holton who found fame after the band split with Casino Steel from The Boys releasing several albums (posted elsewhere on this blog) then as an actor in British comic drama Auf Wiedersein Pet, before dying of a drugs overdose in 1985. During the early 70’s The Heavy Metal Kids were a huge if often overlooked influence on the Punk scene; The Damned were taking notes at The Roundhouse Mick Jones and Tony James first met at a Heavy Metal Kids gig at The Fulham Greyhound. Their influence wasn’t just limited to the 70’s Mick Monroe from Hanoi Rocks has covered a couple of their tunes; She’s No Angel and Delirious, he shouldn’t have bothered in my opinion, but hey it’s all rock’n’roll. The darling of this years Brits music award Lady Gaga is said to like the bands Hey Little Girl, a track from their last album 1977’s Kitsch. This recording dates from August 1977, the band were on the verge of splitting up after the toils of constant touring and drugs abuse. This is an electric performance, far better than the Live and Loud one. From the “wide eyed sniffing boys” of Chelsea Kids, tales of sex and squalor at the Squaliday Inn, the honky tonk pop of On The Street, to the haunting passionate ballad of self obsession that is Cry For Me, then there’s a dose 70’s sexism with She’s No Angel, before this short 30min set finishes with the Fuck You! anthem of mental breakdown that is Delirious. High octane stuff with guitars played like Russian Roulette a thumping rhythm section and Gary’s distinct cockney yobster vocals. Anyway that’s enough said, here’s what it’s all about. Enjoy!


nekrodad said...

i never heard these guys im going to check them out.

Marky Dread said...

Brilliant post Nuzz really looking forward to hear this 'un...cheers.

Anonymous said...

I heard this at the time, never thought I'd hear it again. Outstanding, many thanks

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Hello NUZZ!
I'm a huge punk fan and its roots so I'm so glad to find links like this when surfing
Keep it up buddy!

dom said...

thanks a lot for this & the live & loud album.

for anyone who doesn't know, the "heavy metal kids" are characters in William Burroughs novel "Nova Express". the band's name became a problem as people naturally expected a heavy metal band...at one stage they were just known as The Kids for that reason.

As you have said, an influential band who seldom get mentioned outside of being dropped in conversation in interviews by people like Steve Jones & Rat Scabies.

Holton was a great front man & his theatrical stage act was rare outside of an Alice Cooper ( who the HMK supported ) gig.

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