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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

THE 25th OF MAY - Fuck The Right To Vote (12" Single)

Here we are in Britain on the eve of polling day in the X Factor Britain’s got Politicians General Election. Yes whoever you vote for the government wins, and if voting did change anything it would be made illegal, or would it? I mean let the people think they’re having a say while the ballots are rigged under the guise of a ‘postal vote’ change has been a key word amongst all the parties. The powers that be fear a hung parliament, because they have the most to lose. Their press has been talking in terms of …A summer of strikes, A weak economy, and being on the verge of Anarchy. Hey I’m liking the sound of that result! Anyway enough of my ranting. Lets have someone else’s ranting and music. The 25th Of May were a unique band, ahead of their time. Never before had a British band combined Rap, Hip Hop and Rock with such stark social comment. Their lyrics echoed the dissatisfaction of the social climate at the end of the 1980’s and start of the 90’s. The music broke new ground; hard drums and guitars married to strong hooklines, singer Steve Swindelli’s powerful message was ever prominent over a pumping back-beat. Fuck The Right To Vote was released prior to the 1993 General Election, and is a different version to the one that appeared on their brilliant 1992 debut album Lenin and McCarthy, which address issues such as Homelessness, Joyriding and the Hillsborough disaster. This was the sound of revolution. I saw ’em live many times and they were awesome, total commitment whether playing in front of 30 or 300 people, they were also a nice bunch of people who liked to party, talk politics and music. It’s a shame Britain wasn’t ready at the time for such an overtly political band, now in 2010 the country needs one. So here you go if you fancy a blast of something new, or if you’re one of the few who knew the score and haven’t heard the Yeltsin Mix of FTRTV or it’s b-side Made In The USA (Scud Mix). Enjoy!

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Marky Dread (Sparks) said...

I got that 12" great track, I had completely forgotten about them 'til I read this post good work Nuzz.