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Saturday, 8 May 2010

Post Election Blues, Reds,Yellows and Greens. (Some Notes)

So that’s it then. The winners of Britain’s Got Politicians 2010 are……No one really. The Conservatives got the most seats in parliament. First past the post, but not enough to have total control over parliament. Labour came next, followed by the Liberals. Hang 10! One winner was The Green Party, getting their first ever seat, UKIP crashed, and no seats for the BNP…result! No victorious Things can only get better march to Number 10 by anyone. No, because all three parties know it’s only gonna get worse in the economic department. If people can’t see the writing on that wall, then they really are fucking blind.
The £ is already starting to wobble, with the global financial markets lack of certainty in the uncertainty of who’s running the show in Britain.
The electoral system can be seen for the sham it is. Tory’s haven’t enough seats to govern, but despite getting less votes Gordon Brown is still Prime Minister,(he must be the only MP never to have been elected by the people) and can remain so until a deal is struck between the Tory’s and The Liberals, that’s if one is agreed, lets remember the Liberals want electoral reforms which will break the hundred year old two party system. Will they settle for anything less in any deals? Will the Tory's be prepared to give up some of their power? Who decides ? Well....the people did! not all of them though.
Some people didn’t even get to exercise their right to vote, as polling stations were closed while they were still queuing outside, others didn’t have enough ballot papers. For fucks sake you couldn’t make this shit up. Britain’s defending democracy in Afghanistan, but it can’t defend it’s own. Did people get cross at not being able to place their cross? Yes,complacent, compliant and peacefull, in some countries people would have smashed the polling station up if they’d been denied their right.
Interesting and possibly messy times ahead. Hold on tight because nobody’s driving, except the media.

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