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Sunday, 23 May 2010

THE FUZZTONES - Live @ The Marquee, London, 27/5/85 and Peel session.

FUCKIN’ BOLLOCKS!! I’ve been dragging my shoulder over posting this live recording of the rather fine Fuzztones, which was picked out of Fat Regs Big Box Of Tapes, thanx to him for letting me re-post it here. I get down to typing up the post, and find that a link to it has also been posted over at Rare Rock Collection Fetish, (with a rather sexy cover.) so I’m now not sure about posting it…..Fuck it, I’ve already uploaded the show, done the scanning of another of my scrapbook pages so here we go. The Fuzztones were/are a rather fine Rock’n’Roll band with a Hammond driven psychedelic, swamp rock from the garage sound; park between The Doors, The Stooges, Electric Prunes and The Cramps. Saw ‘em a couple of times over consecutive days in May 1985 at The Marquee where this show was recorded and at The Embassy Club late the previous evening, went along to that one after seeing The Dogs D’amour at The Marquee the day before The Fuzztones gig there. Ahh! those were the days, a gig every night, some times two in one night. I didn’t catch when they supported the Damned on tour in 1985, but saw ‘em again in Stevenage in 1987, on the final night of their European tour, which was a shame because from what I can remember it turned into a bit of a jam session with the bands roadies and support group members, rather than a full on set of Fuzztones classics. Talkin’ of classics the bands album Lysergic Emanations is one such album; a desert island disc of mine, it sucks you in, throws you out, leaving you dripping and tripping on the tarmac. Here’s their Peel Session from 1985, and there’s the Marquee show. Enjoy!


pipeline said...

Those were the days alright Nuzz. I was also at this ‘tones Marquee gig in ‘85, and boy, was it a good one. Didn’t go to the Embassy Club show though, past my bedtime that one! Saw them a couple of times with the Damned, Hammersmith Palais I think. Last time I saw them after a long gap was at the Borderline around ‘92.

Yeah…great band. Loved ‘em.

si said...

Excellent stuff - many thanks for this.

For what it's worth, I agree - Lysergic Emanations is truly stupendous LP.

Btw, you may be interested in my blog: http://si-site-nogsy.blogspot.com/