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Saturday, 9 October 2010

Don't read this!

For hundreds of years we’ve had the printed word, now we’ve got ebooks; cold clinical gadgets that can store a lifetimes worth of literature. Why? Because they can! But just because they can doesn’t mean they have to, but they do, because they want our money and there’s always some sucker ready to part with their cash for some piece of shit that they think’s gonna improve their life. I mean some of these things have displays which give the feel that you’re reading a real book. What!!!! If you want the feel of a real book, why not buy a real book? Here’s hoping these ebooks don’t last a hundred weeks.


MJG196 said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Most of the time I can find the book I want on Amazon for cheap. I like having a physical book!

I will say this though, these devices would be great for magazines. Easily store hundreds of issues without them piling up in your attic. Then, when you have no more use for 'em, there is no paper and waste to deal with.

Do you disagree with me completely?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

No, hadn't thought of that one, mind you I turn myself off to any thoughts when new gadgets are concerned It's like a microisation of society....MP3's and external hard drives are my only concession to their technology, but I still prefer the vinyl CD and even cassette, bulky to store, but Real!same with magazines. Perhapes I'm just a Luddite? All the best and thanx for yer time MJG