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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Essential ephemera #7

In the light of the possible closure of London’s legendary 100 Club due to lack of money. Here are a couple of flyers from the summer of 1984 for up and coming gigs there, and also a thought…. How about the New Rock gentry; people like John Lydon put their hands in their pockets and donate some of their cash to the cause, (the butter ads must have paid alright,) The Gallagher bruthas must have a few quid, then there’s the old guard, The Rolling Stones….all have played down the stairs and on the stage, with the fucking great concrete pillar in front of it! A great little venue, went to a good few gigs there it would be a shame to see it go. SAVE THE 100 CLUB!


pipeline said...

Sad to see it go if that’s what happens, but have to say never one of my favorite venues. I mourn the loss of the dear ’ol Wardour Street Marquee much, much more. Always amazes me how every time its mentioned the Pistols come up. Their association with the club was clearly significant, but in the big scheme of things…fleeting. The place has been around since the forties, and was predominantly a Jazz club (My parents saw 'Humph' there). The best gig I saw there was not a Punk or Rock n Roll show, but Blues legends Louisiana Red and Sugar Blue kickin’ up a storm.

Roger Waters Tickets said...

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aikin said...

Being from the US, I've never been to the 100 Club, but it's such an iconic place, of course I've heard of it.

We couldn't keep CBGB open; I hope Brits care more for their rock 'n' roll heritage than we apparently do.

it's sad.

Ollie Stench said...

I just happened to be in London when the 25th Anniversary of the 100 Club Punk Festival was going on. I had no clue about the 3 day show, but happily shelled out the cash and went all 3 days. For such a legendary club I was surprised how small it is! I'd hate to see it go, but in all honesty I will probably never set foot in the place again. Living in Minneapolis makes it kind of hard to get down there on a regular basis.

martin41smith said...

First the Astoria now the 100 club, will there be anywhere left for bands to play at an affordable price,i am going to a gig there in december hope its not it's swan song! SAVE THE 100 CLUB