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Thursday, 7 October 2010

MENACE - Live in Wolverhampton 1978

Menace came from the Sex Pistols school of Punk Rock, literally: A couple of the band went to the same school as John Lydon. The band released 5 singles between 1977 - 79, each one a slab of second wave shouty shouty street punk rock: at the time Sniffin’ Glue proclaimed “they’re the best punk rock band in England” dunno about that, but they certainly wrote a catchy tune. G.L.C was an anti establishment rant written as a reaction to the Tory run Greater London Council banning ‘Punk Gigs’ with it’s catchy chorus of “GLC, GLC…. You’re full of shit” I Need Nothing was recorded in 1977, and produced by John Cale from The Velvet Underground, but only released in 1979, by then the band had run it’s course. Anyway here’s a great little aural artefact, recorded at The Lord Raglan in Wolverhampton on 31st Oct 1978. Enjoy! Thanx to original uploader over at Punk Torrents.


Longy said...

Great stuff Nuzz. Can't beat a bit of Menace on a friday night.

bat29 said...

This is great one, especially for the songs that didn't get released at the time. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

bat29 - for some unknown reason i'm having major problems leaving a message of thanks on your music blog. Even with blogger id. So if it's Ok with Nuzz Prowling Wolf i will say 'thank you' here, and hope that you get to read it.

Anonymous said...

Remember that concert really well as I was responsible for the said recording.
An Hitachi portable recorder with a built in mike and a BASF C90.
If my memory serves me correctly Charlie Casey came out of the toilets and I asked him if I could have a quick word - he thought I wanted to kick off and was quiet relieved when I only wanted to ask him permission to record the gig.
My brother (Stu) lent the tape to one of his friends who then copied it.
Micky Reynolds - Castaways Rock Bar in Fuengirola, Costa del Sol, Spain.