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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

News from the frontline.

I work for the Not so Healthy public Service, where they have gone into a PFI deal with the private sector. This has resulted in people doing the same job, but getting paid a different wage for it. How this got past the unions is beyond me, but hey at least the workers are all in it together!


Anonymous said...

It got past the union because the union starts with a BIG U and no-one wants to lose their job...

Lots of jobs - strong unions 1970's

No jobs - weak unions 2010's

Basic economics my friend - I didnt know I was subsidising your pension in the NHS either..

The equaliser

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Pension??????????? I haven't got a pot to piss in!!!!!!!!!!!

Dan said...

Hi Nuzz,
I saw your comment on my Vaynes recording posted on Dark Circle Room.
I saw them 9 times within a 4-month period in 1989, and i taped 7 of them. They're all going up soonish over on DCR. Stay tuned.

What happened to them anyway? A shame there's very little information on the net for many of the long-forgotten bands from that period.

Dan said...

Just a heads-up, the first of my Vaynes recordings is up on DCR now.
I've also got 2 Junior Manson Slags gigs, another band you've written about here, and they should be going up sometime soonish also.