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Saturday, 31 December 2011

LAST POST........of 2011!

Well that’s 2011 been and gone. Quite an eventful year all in all from nature showing its force with the Tsunami in Japan to the recent death of Kim Jong Il in North Korea, what else has happened…..

Riot torn England Phone hacking , The deaths of Bin Laden and Gaddafi. Occupy London, New York. Protests, Students, middle classes. Eurozone economic collapse. The Arab spring uprisings, give rise to fundamental extremists to gain power in ‘free and fair’ elections. Syria is heating up, but no Western intervention.

I wonder what’s in store for next year?

2012 The Queens diamond jubilee year. God save her, and her Fascist regime where troubled families are gonna be targeted by state employed ‘trouble shooters’ A green an (un)pleasant land where more troops are gonna be deployed in London next year to defend the(ir) Olympic games than were deployed in Afghanistan. A free and democratic country where police have been given the power to use water cannons and rubber bullets on protestors, and under extreme circumstances real bullets. That’s if we believe what we read in the great free press, only time will tell or at least we may find out in July, when I’m thinking that maybe the London Olympics will attract protest groups from across the world to come to the capital and have some games of their own, along side groups from the UK. A united movement of global dissent and discontent.

Sandwiched between the United States of America and Europe is the state of not so great Britain, or UK plc as I’ve heard it referred to. A country were it takes politicians two months at goodness knows what cost to work out that celebrity culture has a detrimental effect on young people. We are told that austerity is the answer while renting panda bears from China because it is good for the economy.

I hope all these TV Chefs choke. They make me sick with their cookery programs that they force feed an already bloated audience. Just like the DIY/Home and garden make over programs that came before them they are ammunition in the fight for the hearts and minds of the people. ….Dum Dum Bullets for the Dumb dumb masses.

2012.…The year the world ends, if we believe the Maya civilisation, or is it just that some peoples world will come to an end when they’re evicted from the lifestyle they bought into that they can no longer afford to pay for. When the going gets tough, there’s always a course of state prescribed anti-depressants available to keep the fear and anxiety away from the door.

With the continuing economic crisis in the Eurozone I expect the spectre of Far Right forces may start to rise. We’ve been here before in the post second world war period. Lest we forget!

The more complacent and compliant we are, the more complicit we are in their con. We are all guilty!
Forget New Years resolutions, lets have a New Years Revolution!

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The bogus man said...

Cheer up Nuzz, it could be a whole lot worse, Van Halen could be planning a new album and a UK tour for 2012.

Hang on a minute…