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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Some thoughts/ideas that haven't made it any further than what's written below.

A Weberian nightmare where bureaucracy controls the whole show, targets overseen by a mass of the middle management class. They are the problem.

The value on material things, ‘The Stuff’ is too high, people are now living with its costs. High standards of living cost a lot to maintain, especially if they’ve been living the champagne lifestyle on lemonade money.

It should not just about the money, that’s why we are in this mess. Money corrupted pure Socialist values. The working class sold out to buy their council houses, a new working class was born, one that worked to consume, a consumer class

The cycle will only break when people start to rethink about money being the driving force. They’ve peddled this shit for too long.

One group that haven’t taken to the streets with dissatisfaction and in opposition to the politicians polices are the elderly.
Those living in Care homes or receiving home care. Those on a poverty pension
A hundred thousand altzhimers sufferers on the streets of London now what a sight that would be. The Grey Brigade

Nearly fell into the whole Public V’s Private Sector trap. The divide and rule tactics of the people in power; The Ploiticians and Trade Union Leaders. They say they represent the people and their members, when in truth they just represent themselves.
No I don’t agree with the motivations behind the pensions protest. I’ve never earned enough to pay into a pension fund, and I find it insulting that people earning £25,000 + a year consider themselves poor. To some people on the pensions protest it was just as much about ‘the stuff’ as the August Riots were to those involved then. I mean why else where there first time strikers on the march, was it was because nothing those in power had done had effected them before? I saw placards with “Hands off my pension” printed on them???? Excuse me but isn’t that a contradiction in terms…. I mean the words Union, unite and unison convey a feeling of togetherness not self individualism.

Private Pension pots were plundered by New Labour, no one defended theirs.
Public services could have taken strike action over numerous issues, for example Teachers Unions when targets and league tables were introduced.

Still it’s good to see the non-elected Lib Con government getting another kicking from more people they’ve pissed off, the middle classes are mobilizing themselves.


The bogus man said...

A bit of a generalisation. Most of the elderly round my way are extremely well off. Yet I’m still going to have to work till I’m at least 67 to pay for their non means tested free winter fuel allowances. How does that work then ‘Dave’...in your fairer society?

Anonymous said...

"and I find it insulting that people earning £25,000 + a year consider themselves poor"

I find it insulting that you find it insulting that you think people who earn £25k consider themselves poor. Nuzz £25k is nothing if you live near London espically if train fares are £6k a year plus a family and council tax to keep your council rent down! What world are you living in? £25k in the south is almost poverty. Fuel poverty has gone from 10-17% and is a measure of how much you pay on fuel as a percentage of total income - if you pay more than 10% you are in fuel poverty...

I'll tell you what why dont people like you drop out and us who are hard working will pay lots of tax to support you and your offsrping and then let you moan about how much others have and how its damaging your drug-taking future hippy-loving utopia? oh? I am doing that...

The Equaliser

ps merry christmas ;)

Anonymous said...

Just thought of a world where its a Nuzzarian nightmare! chilling...

The Equaliser