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Sunday, 15 January 2012

More crap from the cutting room floor.

Here are some more scribbling that haven’t progressed any further than what’s written below.

After 18 years we finally see justice for Stephen Lawrence, but lets not fool ourselves that the stain of racism in our society has been scrubbed out, we only need to look at the recent behaviour of a couple of footballers, and a minority of fans. These may have been isolated incidents, but nothing is born in isolation.

So it’s aright to play god when it comes to cosmetic surgery and fertility treatment, but when it comes to assisted suicide it’s not alright. What a load of bollocks! Now I hear news that ‘our government’ recommend that people take a couple of days off a week from drinking, what a caring bunch of cunts they are. The nanny state needs its arse smacking. Looks like the elderly know the pain in store for them in the future and have decided to drink themselves to death, as over the last 10 years the biggest increase, if we believe the(ir) figures, in alcohol related illness is in the 65+ age group, either that or it’s all the champagne socialists who got themselves rich quick over the last 10 years drinking to their success.

KILL THE ELDERLY! Survival of the fittest, or the richest. How much do we care? Millions are spent on keeping people alive, many of whom would rather be dead, but they are denied that choice by a society that cares about their pain yet prolongs it.

TITS OUT! Well it all depends on who fitted the faulty industrial strength silicon implants that have been in the news recently.
I have little sympathy for those had enlargements/reductions in an act of vanity for cosmetic purposes, you paid yer money you took yer chances, don’t expect the NHS to clean up the mess left by private medical firms. They breast get it sorted, no way should the tax payer pay for someone else’s mistakes. Who’s responsible? Ultimately PIP, who were the manufacturer of the faulty product, but what about the consumer? Supply and demand and all that. If people accepted imperfection then there would be no market for breast implants, other than for those having reconstructive surgery. If the NHS have used the product, then they share responsibility for purchasing the product, and need to put right the damage. Then there’s the authority that licensed it and said it was safe for the market. Aaaah! The beauty of Capitalism, when it all goes tits up it’s always the consumer that suffers!

As they build hope for the future they forget about the decay and despair in the present!
I mean look at this proposed High Speed Rail link, the present network isn’t exactly running smoothly, so they’re gonna carve up more countryside to build a new route that promises to be faster and better, until reality bites and it ends up becoming like the rest of the network; overcrowded with delays and cancellations. Road widening schemes do not reduce congestion, they just make more space for more congestion. Do we really need to spend millions just to get somewhere half an hour quicker? All this job creation it’s good for the economy rhetoric is just a case of the emperors new clothes. Isn’t it great isn’t it good….No it’s shit, just like the Millennium Dome was and what the Olympic legacy will turn out to be. The country’s skint and they’re spending our money on shit we don’t need.

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