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Sunday, 29 January 2012

POWER OF THE PENDULUM - Demo Tape (1989)

Today’s musical offering might have limited appeal, as you won’t find the name POWER OF THE PENDULUM in you book of musical who’s who, but so fuckin’ what! Hopefully some of you good people will take a chance on this, I mean there’s always the delete command if it aint your bag. So then, what are you gonna get for yer time and effort. Well this five track demo is what can only be described as stoner goth’n’roll, this is drug music an acid trip of a listen that lyrically and musically takes you to places deeper and darker than the pubs and bong smoke filed bedrooms of Stevenage in the year of 1989. To describe The Pendulum as sounding like The Fields of The Nephilim or The Sisters of Mercy would be lazy and also not a 100% true, yeah there is a flavour of gothic gloom amongst the pumping pounding bass and haunting spine tingling rock riff licking guitars, but then there’s even a hint of Pink Floyd and AC/DC in the mix. Why back in the day the music biz didn’t pick up on these guys is not just beyond me, but also an act of cultural criminality, by denying music lovers a chance to hear something pure, unadulterated and beautiful. Anyway hear what all the fuss wasn’t, but should have been about here!
A footnote, and a bit of trivia: Jem The Pendulums bass player is the brother of Paul and Nod from The Nephilim, and Rory guitarist and vocalist played in The Last Rites with Nod after The Nephilim had broken up.


Anonymous said...

Thanks,good stuff.

Chris Ripple said...

That was one hell of a gig list...
Ah... Those were the days.
There's bog all happening round here now.

Mark said...

Thunders AND Kusworth on the same bill?!!! Wow!