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Sunday, 1 January 2012

FIRST POST........of 2012!

History’s clock ticks over into 2012 another year over another begins, the past becomes the future when nothing is learned from the lessons of History. The world revolves but things stay the same. The only progress is scientific and technological, and that’s debatable when for example human thinking is left to a device such as a sat nav, we are surrendering our power of independent free thinking to social networks where every human action and interaction is related to a world of followers whose Blackberry/I Phone obsession is closer to an addiction.

I’ve never had a junkie walk right into me because they were to busy trying to shoot up! But I’ve lost count of the number of times people have banged into me when walking and texting, then there’s the mobile phone junkies I’ve walked into because they’ve suddenly stopped in front of me to answer a call. People seem to have no time to spare, everything needs to be instant, and done instantly.

Science fiction has become science fact! But where are the jet packs that Look and Learn magazine promised us? who needs a jet pack when you’ve got an I-Phone that you can talk to…..and that talks back!!!! This aint progress this is madness. I mean a few years ago If someone was jumping around waving their arms in front of a TV screen questions would have been asked about their sanity, but no, in the 21st Century this is entertainment courtesy of something called the Nintendo Wii, an aptly named product, cos they’re just taking the piss. If people wanna play tennis or dance why don’t they going and actually do it, rather than virtually doing it, why the need for a machine to facilitate such games and pass times.

In his 1891 essay The Soul Of Man Under Socialism Oscar Wilde believed that Machines would free humankind by doing the mundane jobs, now it seems to me that people have become slaves to machines, and are doing mundane jobs in order to pay for the latest must have all singing all dancing gadget to keep them entertained and enslaved. No one has forced people into their captivity, they have chosen their chains and paid for them. Capitalism needs technological progress in order to grow and expand into new markets, but does society really need all that science serves up? Wilde also thought machines would free up peoples time, giving them more scope for leisure time. In the noughties peoples leisure time is increasingly dominated and controlled by machines.

From The Industrial Revolution to the white heat of technology in the 1970’s progress has improved the quality of life in some areas, in others it hasn’t, it has just taken us down a road were it is acceptable to be watched over 24/7 by security cameras, were tracking devices are fitted to mobile phones and every electronic communication can be traced even when we thought they were erased. Technology drops remote controlled laser guided missiles on innocent civilians.

Fuck their future! The only way forwards is to go backwards. You might not be able to rewind history but if there’s gonna be a future, it needs to be OURSTORY!


MJG196 said...

As much as I'd like to remove myself from technology, I find it exceedingly difficult to.

I cant imagine not having my Blackberry, with instant access to my whole address book, maps, email, bank information...but the question is, do I want an iPhone? I am trying to hold back, but dont know if it's possible!

My modest home theater consists of a Blu Ray player (my last "disc" media player I am likely to ever buy), an Apple TV (connected to my Mac for streaming all my movies), Netflix, and a Wii...

It is so hard to stay away from tech-mology (as Ali G used to call it).

Anonymous said...

Luddite! You would have band 'knifes and forks' as a work of the devil! - You didnt have such a downer I bet when you plugged that electric guitar into that amp eh?!? However, I dont understand any of it! only kids do, its the same in the 1980's when we got our VHS Video Player my parents couldn't understand it either! ;)

The Equaliser

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Indeed MJG, that's the thang it's all consuming, and some consume to a point of addiction, were without it, their live would fall apart. It's about using the technology and not letting it use you, LOL as the kids say Equaliser (I do enjoy your comments, they kind of Equal it all out.)I'm no Luddite, I may have Luddite sympathies, but without technology where would we be? My downer is that we are becoming to dependent on it. All the best good people.