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Monday, 7 May 2012


In Britain the Conservatives and Liberal Party both got their arses kicked by Labour in last weeks local council elections. A protest vote, where the biggest protest was that the turnout of voters was low, looks like people have had enough of all the political parties, and didn’t bother voting, for any of the above!

Going against the trend, Boris Johnson the Conservative Mayor of London won a second term of office. His success was put down to him being ‘charismatic’ dunno about that; a bumbling, mumbling, buffoon more like, some political pundits have been talking about Boris becoming Cameron’s successor as leader of the Conservative Party. What a scary thought….Boris Johnson being a potential British Prime Minister, what with all that charisma. Lets not forget that Hitler was charismatic, as are most dictators, it’s how they maintain their power, along with having a repressive state at their control. 
On the subject of dic(k)tators, Tony Blair is talking about returning to British politics! The most corrupt Prime Minister ever, with his war based on lies, dodgy deals in the desert for oil and his Britpop brand of national champagne socialism, things were gonna get better, and indeed they did for him and his smug self serving New Labours MP’s maxing out on their expenses at our expense. New Labour failings has resulted in an unelected coalition, whose failings will see people turning to the Labour Party again, or a turn to the Right, such is the world of politicks. They all need their arses kicked!
As a footnote to the above,which was gonna be posted yesterday. I read this morning that the LibCon’s are gonna have a draft of Right Wing policies in the Queens speech on Wednesday, among them a reduction in workers rights, powers to monitor the peoples phone calls, emails and internet use and the setting up of a new crime agency rather like the SS F.B.I

Like I said Boris Johnson, Prime Minister; a Blond Haired Blue eyed boy in charge of a political system with more powers to snoop than the stazi had, and more laws that take away peoples freedoms than any British State has ever had, and why? In the name of freedom from terror. The terror that Blair unleashed with his lies. What about the terror within! We will never be free from that so long has the left and right are merging into one big totalitarian monster that looks like an inbred cross between Boris Johnson and Tony Blair!

All the above is set against a backdrop of elections in other European countries; Greek voters have turned againts the main parties, and there is no winnng party in their national elections. In France, the people have voted for a Socialist President. All across Europe economies are fucked, and the people have had enough of cuts in public spending. These are dangerous times. Giving the public what they want comes at a cost, are the people prepared to pay the price when they don’t know the cost? Our leaders don’t care, they just want the best deal for themselves, no matter what party they stand for!


It's a **** thing said...

For many years I have been one of those people who have argued that people have made great sacrifices to give us all the right to vote and we should exercise that right.
No point in complaining if you aren't participating.
Now I have lost the heart to keep pushing that opinion.
The reason being that in the present all the options available to us are increasingly interchangeable with each other and there's no discernible difference.
We no longer vote for who we support, but instead who we least loathe.
So although I did vote in the recent local elections I'm not sure if I will in future.
All we are doing is participating in a game where they dictate the rules and ensure that they, and their cronies are always on the winning team.
The people who literally gave their lives to provide us with a vote didn't do it for these miserable bastards to be the options.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck do we give people the vote? Why are honest working class people voting for the toffs and not fighting the class war.

I despear of the working class and their cockney pearly queen loving royal alligence, their sexism and racsim, their homophobic views - god! I used to have faith that they would save us from this captialist nightmare but these Sun readers need to be shot and anyone who voyed for that blond haired bafoon - am i missing something? is it all a laugh and i dont get the fact we voted in a monty python sketch?

The Equaliser