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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

One Day A Real Rain Will Come!

Two weeks since my last post, and it hasn’t stopped raining. Like I said they’re making it rain. The water is running dry, what nature can’t provide scientists will create. Lets look at a couple of things. 1) Even though April is known for its rain, April showers and all that, It’s been the wettest April for a hundred years. 2) It has only been raining in the last two weeks of April, before that half the country was declared a drought zone , now the same areas have been issued with flood alert warnings. In my last post I said when the Chinese tried to ‘seed’ the clouds to make it rain, they got it wrong and it snowed, well…. When it started to rain were I live, hailstones fell and didn’t melt for about four hours.
I’m sure the rain will stop before The Olympics start cos they ain’t gonna want their parade to be pissed upon, they’ve got enough to worry about with the planned occupations and protests.
At least they’ll be able to shoot the terrorists from the roofs of tower blocks. It’s gonna deter them….FUCK OFF! If there’s gonna be an attack on the games, it’s gonna be every bit as planned as the authorities defence of the games. We’ll just have to watch and wait, and there’s gonna be plenty of opportunity to watch with wall-to-wall coverage planned on the BBC, we are gonna be a nation brainwashed….The Games are great, The Games are great, The Games are great. No they are not, they are a waste of money for a country that can ill afford it. It’s just gonna be one patriotic flag fest, one of many we’re gonna have to endure what with the Queens Diamond Jubilee, who needs terrorists when we’re gonna be under siege by our own armed forces.


Liam said...

Here, Here!

The Racing Rabbit said...

... there is no climate change ...

... only propaganda by the green party ...

... the weather has always been like that ...

Fuck those ignorants!

undeadboy said...

I think you're crediting our so called rulers with too much intelligence. I used to believe in conspiracy theories until I realised those idiots who run things would pretty much fuck even the simplest plans up.

Saying that, It's the wrong kind of rain (Ho Ho) so maybe there is some truth in your post.