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Sunday, 20 May 2012


Spend, Cut….Spend, Cut…..Spend, Cut….STUPID CUNTS! It needn’t be a choice between one or the other….My way or the highway? (to hell!) It’s about balance, and the world has always been unbalanced; with the pursuit for ideological power amongst the political ruling classes across the world. We are just pawns in their game of monopoly, where there’s not enough co-operation or collectivism.  A Greek tragedy is being played out on the world stage. The tragedy is that countries like Greece, Spain and Italy joined the Euro, where one size does not fit all, some countries economies are small, medium and large. Surely common sense dictates that no matter how many tourists visit, a small economy is never going to be able to compete and achieve the same economic results as a large economy, the only economic growth is in the pockets of the politicians and the bank accounts of big business leaders….The Chairmen of the bored, and I’m bored with all this recession business. Let Greece default on its payments and bring back the drachma, yes this will effect other countries, but it’s effecting them anyway, so rather than trying to fix something that can’t be repaired, why not try and build something new.  That is the question!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Wolf

As you well know the EU has been about achieving long lasting peace in europe by economic integration. Its either a rich-mans club or a left wing communist plot ot give workers better rights. IMHO the UK over the years under both red and blue have steered the best path they could and thank (insert deity) we didnt join the Euro. If Greece fails dont be suprised if spain follows and then we will ahve to start propping up banks again - Santander is spainish but has lent massive amounts to UK mortgage owners...

Yes economies are difference but that wasnt the problem. Firstly, the strict criteria for entry was ignored by all countries and secondly after the unifcation of germany everybody was worried that they would have such a great advantage that everyone in the EU could borrow at the same rate - Greece did what we have all done and borrow beyond our means...

But has it avoided a third european war or is it starting one?

Athens is a crap place anyways.

The Equaliser

Johnny Haddo said...

more tea m8..??