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Sunday, 18 November 2012


The cost of the recent Police and Crime Commissioner Elections was reputedly and reported to be £100 million, this wasn't just a waste of money, in times of austerity, which is what our leaders tell us these days are, it was economic negligence, and something the people didn't want to take part in, as only 14% of them actually turned out to vote, at one polling station no-one turned up.

I didn't know who was standing in my area, until a few days before polling took place, not that I really wanted to know, because like I said in a previous post, having these commissioners is another step closer to a legitimised police state in Britain. The question that should have been asked of the people was do you want an elected Police and Crime Commissioner? and then tell the people just how much it would cost in order to have one! Don't reckon many people would have thought it was a good idea, because the money could have been spent elsewhere.

Yes the public are unhappy about the Police and crime, for example; with the number of 'bobbies on the beat' Why have the numbers of police on the streets dropped? Because of all the economic cut backs! and the powers that we let be thought it would be a good idea to spend a fortune on a campaign to elect someone to act on behalf of the public in holding the police to account. Why?

Because the state had to impose the idea of the public electing these commissioners in order to make the link between the politicians and the police a legitimate and democratic one.

Despite such a low turnout, those that have been elected as Police and Crime Commissioners will have a mandate to make decisions, yet the government is campaigning to make it illegal for strikes to take place if less than 50% of Union members vote in the ballot to take strike action. Now that's fucking democracy for you! One rule for them and one rule for us!!

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