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Sunday, 11 November 2012

THE VIBRATORS - Live on 'The Speakeasy' with Jimmy Savile BBC Radio (Oct 1977)

I think this one got removed during the mediafire clampdown, but it seems quite a topical time to do a re-post, plus it's a great session and a slice of Punk Rock history from one of my favourite bands.. Unlike the BBC I will not airbrush the past. It is what it is....a recording of THE VIBRATORS performing four numbers (London Girls, Flying Duck Theory, 24 Hour People, Warzone.) on the BBC's Speakeasy Radio program in Oct 1977, the show was hosted by Jimmy Savile, who introduces the band, explaining that during rehearsals they played so loud that the people in the news room upstairs complained, and The Vibrators had to be turned down. Here you go then....The Vibrators  introduced by Jimmy Savile. Enjoy!

Credit to  Marky Dread who passed this recording to me many moons ago.


Longy said...

Thanks for this one Nuzz. My very first download on this new computer. Hopefully I will be able to find the file. Not used to this Windows 7 shit! I hope all is well mate.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

hEy Longy,great to here from yer. I don't like Windows 7 much myself, it seems to be a bit fiddly and over complicated. I'm doing alright, you know, getting by in these trouble torn times. How about you? Are you gonna return to the blog world?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...