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Sunday, 11 November 2012


In 41 police force areas across Britain there are Elections for Police and Crime Commissioners coming up. Across the country people will be able to vote for someone to represent them by holding the Police to public account. The roll of commissioner is also to help produce policing plans and set out police policies for local communities. Three quarters of the candidates have political allegiances and alliances, this is not good!

Once politics and the police get into bed with each other, we are fucked! and it's the conception of a legitimate British police state that can be born in the future; because the public have voted for Police Commissioners with political allegiances. Who will have the power to control the police and how they enforce the law and maintain order;

Softly, Softly or Robo Cop? You decide, but how much do people trust their choices? Cos I certainly don't, not with the reactionary, scaremongering media and their mind control orders.

Will many people vote? Just how much do people care about who makes the decisions?

With recent public criticism of the police's behaviour and conduct; Hillsboro ugh, Ian Tomlinson, it would seem that the police do need to be held to account by the public. The public are also unhappy about the way the streets are being policed, and how the law is enforced. Within the Police force itself moral is low, officers are unhappy with senior management.

The police have always been servants of the state, but not under total state control. by politicising the police this would change. Who's gonna police the police?.... The people the police really serve, that's who!
We are already living in a 24/7 surveillance society, with mechanisms already in place in place The Criminal Justice Bill, Anti Terror Laws, just a couple of things that spring to mind, along with new Squatting Laws,

If you haven't done anything wrong why should you be scared of living in a police state? But who decides what is right and wrong in say 30 years time?

In relation to the whole Jimmy Savile shit storm, it could be said that we are judging his and other celebrities actions around young girls with a different set of moral values, in the past for want of a better word, it seemed more acceptable in the entertainment industry to have relationships with young women, John Peel even ran a schoolgirl of the year competition on a radio show of his. Yet as a society a decade into the new millennium we have seen young people becoming sexualised at a younger age through for example fashion.

It's all contradictions

Blanket coverage of US Elections in the British media recently, yes it's important who runs the worlds most powerful country, so will we see same amount on Chinas communist party changing its leadership. Or will it be all about the paedophiles and child abuse. Jim has fixed it!

Looks like the paedophiles have it, or rather its all about the media and how they have handled recent stories about child abuse. The BBC have come off rather worse, criticism of their Newsnight Programs failure to run with an investigation into Jimmy Savile, saw them investigate allegations of abuse in a care home in Wales involving a former top Tory MP.

Newsnight alluded to who the MP might be, which saw the MP in question jump to defend himself and deny any involvement in child abuse. His initial accuser now says he made a mistake, and it was someone different. Heads have rolled at the BBC can the organisation still be trusted? No more than politicians and the police. ITV is just as guilty, on it's This Morning program the Prime Minister was given a list with names of alleged Tory paedophiles on and asked to comment, they'd got the list from the internet. Mrs Wolfs mum sent me a link to 'the list' a week or so ago, she knows my dislike of politicians. But.... even I can't believe that Jimmy Savile procured young boys/girls for former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, or did he and in fact it's.... The Big Lie; something so unbelievable, that it is actually true. Trial by Twitter, but what if some accusations are true, and there are paedophiles in high places like Houses of Parliament or the BBC.

By discrediting these allegations future investigations of inappropriate sexual improprieties by figures in the establishment will be harder to carry out. Everything is covered up, the guilty stay hidden, protected by their system and the old boy public school network.

The one thing that is getting forgotten about is that children were abused in care homes, where there was no care, they have lived with the abuse they suffered and are now speaking out, I don't think this story will go away, if anything it provides a big distraction from bigger lies.

The media, especially TV have acted dangereously and destructively in the way they have handled the whole abuse story/scandal.

Freedom of the media and the internet is going to become under threat in the wake of this whole affair. The there are going to be the findings of the Leveson Enquirey into press standards, brought about by the phone hacking scandal.

How long before the political parties really do start to control the media. Perhaps we could vote on a commissioner for the BBC, to hold the organisation to account.


It's a **** thing said...

I think that an overview shows us that the establishment are looking to implement stronger control measures on everyone. Individuals and the press.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Too right they are, and the people will vote for it without even thinking about the consequences of their actions.

Longy said...

I'm all good Nuzz thanks. Na retired from the blogging world. It's hard enough signing in to blogger and staying signed in these days as well as trying to solve capchas when commenting! I blame Cameron and his incompetant government. I bet he had something to do with Windows 7 as well knowing him :)

Notenote: 4th attempt at solving this puzzle now.....