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Thursday, 21 February 2013

I suffered the miss fortune of hearing One Directions new single; One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) on the telly the other day, what a crock of bland, banal and boring bollocks the Brits music awards were, not that I expected anything less, but it was extra bad this year! Anyway, back to One Direction, and their abomination of a couple of songs from my youth, that have been mixed and mashed up for today’s youth. Why did no one from Blondie and The Undertones say no fucking way will we allow our songs to be murdered and slaughtered in such a manner. Surely the music is more important than the money. I know the single is for the Comic Relief Charity, but I ain’t fuckin' laughing!
This is an X-Factor generation who have the past recycled and presented to them as the future,
it has been debased and destroyed, rendered unrecognisable thanks to the cultural mincer it gets fed through by record company executives in pursuit of the dollars and pounds.
One Direction a great British export, who have sold millions of records worldwide and done some great business for UKplc. It just goes to show how stupid the whole world is. Forget the emperors new clothes, it's more than that; Simon Cowell is the pied piper, leading a generation of young people across the globe through a world that isn't real, pulling the strings and playing the tune with his Five spotless yoofs, and their image of perfection and happiness. He is selling a lie and exploiting the emotions of millions of young people for profit and should be arrested for child abuse!

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undeadboy said...

Not in my house it ain't! My eleven year old listens to The Ramones, Nick Cave, Johnny Thunders and any skate punk he can nick from my collection. As for the Brits...Bring back KLF and Extreme Noise Terror!