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Saturday, 23 February 2013

VIVE LE ROCK - Death Or Glory (A Compilation)

Right then, as the new issue of Vive Le Rock has hit the newsagent stands, with Johnny Thunders on the cover, and a great feature inside on the man, the myth and the murder. (No free CD, but a free double sided Thunders / Adam Ant poster) It's time to post the previous issues free disc.
Some of the bands on this CD need no introduction, like the sleazy Rock'n'Roll splendour of THE LORDS OF THE NEW CHURCH for example, who kick off this 14 track collection with a remastered version of Things Go Bump. I've reviewed both THE REVERENDS and THE NOVEMBER FIVE's albums elsewhere on this blog, both were bought on the strength of their tracks; Give It Up Son and Here We Come from this compilation. I would have also spent cash on the MARK VENNIS & DIFFERENT PLACE one, but didn't have enough to spare, their track Portsdown Hill is a beautiful cinematic power pop ballad about the freedom of growing up. The piano pounding JIM JONES REVUE need no descriptions, Never Let You Go gets yer speakers rattling. With just a guitar and his voice PATRIK FITZGERALD is one of Britain great lost songwriters, his track Ambition is a testimony to that fact. Testify by DYNAMITE PUSSY CLUB is a mighty blast of garage punk. FLIPRON's Round and Round The Sun is a pop punk 60's psychedelic influenced tune, produced by Rat Scabies. Fun Police by THE FUCKWITS is just that, a fun knock about punk anthem reminiscent of Stiff Little Fingers. THE DESTRUCTORS are the purveyors of the finest Punk/Metal racket and turn in another mighty row with The End of The World is Coming Today. Never Let You Down by PIPES AND PINTS sounds like The Clash meeting The Pogues. THE GO GO CULT's My Baby Drives A UFO is a B-Movie Rockabilly romp. CHRIS POPE was the former singer/guitarist in mod punkers The Chords and Mutiny On The Thames is a catchy saxophone laced protest song. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by the BLACKBOMBERS is a blast of Blues and Soul tinged Rock'n'Roll. Once again there's something for everyone here. Enjoy!

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Hi Nuzz
Waow...I have just bought the last issue with J Thunders on the cover!
This compilation rocks so hard !!!
Did you know where I can find the Blackbombers album "Outlaw" ?