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Sunday, 10 February 2013

We eat horses don't we.

Dinner's ready!

Their wonderful world of capitalism rides into more trouble with the horse meat scandal/fiasco/crisis. A distraction from something else, an over reaction to something, or another example for people to see what the capitalist system is really like.

It's about the supply and demand. People demand cheap food, so that's what the producers supply.

Times are hard, families are buying cheaper food, producers, suppliers all want to maintain their profits, using horse meat is a sure-fire way of reducing costs and maintaining profits. If they get caught then the food industry can blame it on a 'criminal conspiracy'

Its all the budget brands that horse meat has been found in. Let the poor eat any old shit, and that's the thing, no-one has tasted the difference between horse and beef, no riding silks or horse shoes have been found in burgers, so what's the problem? Horse meat isn't harmful*, I suppose it's not having been given the choice, and because it's horse and people are sensitive to eating animals that have been domesticated. I did hear some arse on the radio saying that it's the consumers fault for demanding cheap convenient food, bollocks The responsibility lies with the manufacturers and retailers of the product, they made it, and they're selling it now it's their turn to pay.

People have been lied to, well that's their fault for believing that capitalism provides everything they need and want. The consumer is being lied to all the time, buy this it'll bring you happiness, use this brand and it'll bring instant success. People are stupid, and the capitalist corporations and companies know that, which is why they do what they do.  Things are cheap for a reason....it because they're shit, or in the case of some burgers/lasagne’s, because they are full of shit, and I'm pretty sure this has been going on for quite a while now, it's just no-ones been caught, until now.

Capitalism 100% Bullshit!

*Since typing this I have heard that the horses used in the products may have been infected with equine AIDS, how true this is I don't know, I mean I can't imagine there's gonna be any scaremongering going on....

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