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Thursday, 13 March 2014

DEADCUTS are contagious to you....yeah, yeah, yeah!

If this was the NME, and I was some trend setting music journo then I'd be proclaiming that East London's Rock'n'Roll animals Deadcuts were the best new band of 2014, and the future of Rock'n'Roll, but it isn't and I aint so....I wont, but what I will say is that they are the best band I have heard for many a year, and as for them being the future of Rock'n'Roll.... Well, does Rock'n'Roll have a future in a world of the bland, sanitised and desensitised? Well yes it does as long as there are bands like Deadcuts out there; ones that defy categorisation, playing music that challenges and confronts the senses and takes you to different places. A band that treads its own path through the debris and broken glass of the past.

Deadcuts play short sharp songs of epic proportions, full of more hooks than a butchers shop. Gruff gravely vocals, a twin guitar attack that swoops and soars above a solid rhythm section before diving and cutting into yer flesh like a rusty razor. Brutal and beautiful, sexy and sleazy stuff, music to fuck and get fucked up to. It's what guitars were built for!

Their debut album Dark Is The Night promises to be something special if the tracks I've heard from it are anything to go by. There's some Deadcuts gear  to watch on youtube and to listen to on Soundcloud or take a trip to their facebook page.

If this was the NME and I was a trend setting journo I'd also have said that Deadcuts sound like a Punked Up Psychedelic Furs for the 21st Century.

“Live to dance another night and day!”

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monokrom said...

I totally agree with you! Brilliant band.
Have a look at my live pix of the band here: