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Monday, 31 March 2014


Not a lot of Socio/Political comment of late. If words are our weapon then some times my ammunition either runs out or keeps on firing at the same targets. Unfortunately that's how it is. So whats been going on...Probably a lot more than they are telling us, they only tell us what they want us to know, and when they want us to know it.

Russian leader Puttin has stopped posturing like King Kong with a hard on, and is now negotiating, with the rest of the world over the Crimea. Russian oligarchs have had their assets frozen, which should stop 'em buying any more English football teams for the moment.

In a case of life imitating art, or at best a long running drawn out TV drama; Lost.  A plane went missing over three weeks ago, in a high tech world it disappeared when persons unknown (terrorists or a suicidal pilot) turned off the radar signal. Relatives grief and demand the truth when conspiracy theories have been the only answers, which have caused more questions. The truth is out there....two miles down at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, but we will probably never know why!

UKIP gain popularity after the EU debate on the Radio last week. If there was no UKIP where would the bigots and racists turn? Here's a thought UKIP's stance on immigration could potentially stop far right extremists from Europe coming to Britain to stir things up? Fighting fascism with fascism. Unfortunately UKIP are a necessary political evil in a democracy, they are both a pressure cooker and blender for Right Wing Anti-Immigration views. Both the Labour and Conservative parties have to address public opinion to stop it boiling over, they will use diluted policies based on UKIP's stance, in order to win next years election. The frightening thing is that a growing percentage of the British public belief all the bullshit propaganda that UKIP are peddling, even more than the bullshit broadcast by the Labour, Conservative and Liberal parties.

I heard another early shot in their battle for the hearts and minds of the electorate on the radio this morning, there are plans a foot to charge people for using the NHS. Free at the point of contact, but should someone be admitted to Hospital then there are proposals to charge people for their stay, Like it's a fucking hotel. There's also talk of raising prescription charges, how about the NHS buys the drugs from the pharmaceutical companies at a cheaper price, negotiate the deals, isn't that what a free market is all about? But no we'll make the people pay for the corporate share holders profits. How about making those that can afford to pay for their health care....pay! For example all those politicians that insist on using the NHS to show the belief they have in it and that they are the same as the people they represent....charge them, because it's those most in need that will suffer (the elderly and the poor) who no doubt will also be judged on the lifestyle choices they have made, if they had a choice!
The state can't afford the expense of the NHS, because successive governments both Left and Right have spent billions on wars and national security, all done in our name. God and Allah forbid there is another terrorist attack in the UK, but I fear that something will happen again, my faith in organised religion is the same as it is with politicians. They aint gonna save us, they're gonna kill us. So then....if there was another 7/7 bombing, would the injured be charged for their stay in one of the new Hospital Hotels?

As I type this I can hear the 10.00 clock news reporting that climate change is going to be a big problem in the future; food shortages and more extreme weather. The far right are on the rise in France, and licensing laws will change during the World Cup so England fans can drink later while they watch England play. “Here we go, Here we go, Here we go again!”

Take aim....Fire!

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Anonymous said...

you took the time to write, i take the time to read, sums up the uk and world of late