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Sunday, 23 March 2014

GLM - Summer Nights (Are Never Like Movies) THE VIDEO

Here's the video to GLM's Summer Nights (Are Never Like Movies) featuring Jack Nicholson's back and Nicole Kidman alongside Esso, Pete and Nigel. Great video by eddieredblood for a great song by GLM. Summer Nights is also going to be featured on Can't Stop The Heat, a 5 track EP that GLM are releasing around April/May. The Future Is Calling also makes a return appearance, along with three new ones; Not The Real Thing ,Smiling Inside and There Goes Deborah. Pete Stride (Guitar/Vocals) reckons the new songs are of a “Pretty hard and fast style with a touch of pop at the same time.” He also went on to say that they went for an EP rather than an album, because an album would have taken to long to do, and the band like getting new stuff out as soon as possible to keep people interested. There will also be a video out at the same time as the EP,' GLM's album Chemical Landslide is currently available from their web site at the knock down recession busting price of £4.99. A bargain if you like your Rock'Roll hard, heavy and tuneful. The best songs The Lurkers didn't write!

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Eddie Redblood said...

Glad you like the video, Pete and the lads are a pleasure to work with!