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Monday, 23 June 2008

For how much longer is the 'international community' gonna tolerate the behaviour of that murdering madman Mugabe? Sanctions are about as much good as a ballot paper to an oppressed Zimbabwean!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder what this always right/righteous so called ‘International community’ exactly is.

Sure, there’s a lot of bad shit going down in Zimbabwe. But so is there also in a lot of other places in the world.
To be honest I’m starting to wonder why we (Or our media) are becoming so obsessed with it. Is it some kind of Colonial past guilt trip? All the ‘International Community’ seem to produce over the matter is a lot of endless earnest hand wringing and token fig leaf sanctions/gestures.

The only way the West is going to remove Mugabe is to roll the tanks in. But that won’t happen as it is anxious not to feed into the endless spiel that Mugabe feeds his people of the ‘Western oppressors‘.

Maybe things would be different if Zimbabwe had shit loads of oil supplies. We’d be in like Flynn if that were the case, with the Americans leading the way.

Chris Ripple said...

Until some black leader leads the way is the answer to your question.

There is no way whatsoever that any white leader, especially ours, is going to move in on a black led former colony. It is, whether we like it or not, a 'colour' thing.

Unless that dozy fuckwit Mbeki in South Africa is prepared to do something then we get to watch the massacres live on t.v virtually as they happen.
Unfortunately, being Mugabe's nearest neighbour he is also under pressure from his own country because of the influx of people fleeing Zimbabwe into South Africa.
If you follow the news reports from that region then you'll know that South Africans are killing Zimbabwean refugees because they don't want them to take any of the jobs.

Their only hope is Mandela and he's 90. If he chose to whip up a storm over it then the world might follow, but unless he does... ?

I work with two Zimbabweans and they are scared shitless for their families. They don't give a shit who helps providing somebody does but this fucking politically correct 'guilt' driven bollocks is stopping everyone from doing anything.

Face it... Who wants to be the first white power to invade a black country ?
The fuckwits and the guilt driven liberals would team up against anyone who did and what other black led governments would do is anybody's guess ?

It's gonna have to be black led or it won't happen, so come on Mandela... Open your fucking gob !

Chris Ripple said...

Ok... I'm angry...
But if all that 'Free Nelson Mandela' stuff was just to release a figurehead for a fucking rock concert then why the fuck did we (and I include myself) bother ?

South Africa being Zimbabwe's nearest neighbour should be leading the way...

Anonymous said...

I've been wondering the same thing about the international community taking no actin. Killing the wives of the opposition to install fear and all the other atrocities? Barbarity. But after reading some of the other posts I see their point. Stil, isn't this a human rights issue?


Chris Ripple said...

Now if Zimbabwe was in the Caribbean and not Africa (Like Grenada...) this would probably have occurred by now...

I love satire, especially when it hits... Try this from the early sixties.


Chris Ripple said...

Sorry, left out the WWW but if you can't hit it, google up 6funswede and play 'Send The Marines'.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I'm sure our colonial past, and the fact that Mugabe was once a 'friend' has a lot to do with the media coverage, and oil, well that'd see a different response, and yes Chris, it has to be the African nations that act for themselves and the 'international community' and Mandela is the obvious voice to end this abuse of human rights. Cheers for taking the time to comment good people.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately it is a colour thing, and can only be sorted by Africa.

However, it also reflects other politics with China, a big investor (or at least a big mineral extractor), blocking any criticism, and the fact that few African Governments are democratic or open and so are reluctant to criticise a fellow (if worse)offender.

As usual the little people die in the meantime, and, in a country once the bread basket of Africa