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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, This made me and my ego laugh!

With the wonder of technology, I'm able to trace who's hit the blog and from what sites, I do this every couple of weeks just out of curriosity. Today I found a link to a site that isn't one of the usual suspects; audiojunkies forum it was called. Someone had put a link up to NPW, saying that their photography teacher had given them the link because there were some Manic Street Preachers bootlegs available there, then I scrolled down and read the following comment someone else had letf in the thread:

“Thanks just a shame the guys an utter cunt who believes that the revolution will come at any second, The Old Labour party rejected that in 1921, why do these people believe its all new labour thats destroyed the party.If communists believed in true and stable fairness then they wouldn't go to NUS and abstain on every decision, thats it i finally had to say it communists are cunts.Oh and using Divshare one of the worst for advertising of the share sites.....he completely destroys his message.Oh can i state by drawing moustaches on Gordon Brown like Hitler is just childish, couldn't find the Manics stuff but i've left a message on a few about him contradicting himself. He doesn't seem to be even that much of an intelligent leftie, he seems a fucking idiot.”

Well......I nearly spilled the cup of coffee I was drinking and choked on the fag I was smoking! Shit I dunno what ratled their cage? "utter cunt", "fucking idiot" steady on old chap, still there's nothing like a bit of healthy critisicm, can't remember any messages about contridictions, and as for not being able to find the Manics downloads, well they obviously didn't look hard enough, probably to busy reading my communist propaganda and looking at my childish artwork. I was gonna respond but thought nah, there's no point, if you don't like it...Fuck Off, and anyway one of the reasons this blog exists is to provoke a response and a reaction in/from people. Job done!


Anonymous said...

Very funny.

Gives you an indication of the sorts of twats that listen to to the Manics these days.

Nuzz, you old Commie Pinko, you!

Anonymous said...

The sort of twats that think Richey is still alive and living in Peru, and if they stop
believing it….. a rainbow will die. He, he.

zenpunk said...

more hitler taches on gordon brown please nuzz
see you at the barricades comrade!

Anonymous said...

Rather vicious personal tirade against you then. Maybe someone pissed in his chips that day...
Wouldn't let it get you down mate, the 'public' is a broad church.


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers all you good people, there's always one who has to try and spoil things for the rest, have no fear mustaches will appear as and when, I will no doubt make a few contridictions along the way, but that's how it goes when life can't be looked at purely in terms of the old political divides anymore, I just believe in 'isms, don't expect people to agree with all the stuff I post, or even any of the stuff, but I feel he was rather OTT with his reaction, I dunno about pissing in his chips penguin, I reckon someone must have shat in them.

Highlander said...

Did you manage to find any of the comments he had left? Suitably anonymous I'm sure... but probably just as funny!

John Spithead said...

Hilarious! The best bit is that the twat believes that communism's most terrible crime is to abstain on votes down the student union! Not the purges, not the gulags, not the denial of human rights and freedom of speech, but abstaining on votes at the NUS! What a cunt!

garychching said...

Made me spit my drink out too. Excellent, its good to see that you can laugh at it, its the only way mate.