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Saturday, 28 June 2008


I make no apologies for no posting yesterday. I just couldn’t be arsed! Well, no, that’s not strictly true. I could, but once I started thinking about all the recent shit that’s been going down and all the rest that’s getting washed up, I started to get pissed off and felt the need to escape into the fresh air and green of the countryside to get away, from the concrete claustrophobia of modern life. I always feel more positive and re-charged after a couple of hours of open space and bird song. Even when humankind has messed up the natural world through for example quarrying, with minimal interference from humans, nature always manages to restore the balance and turn something that was once ugly into something beautiful again. Shame we can’t say the same thing about our political leaders and our society.



Ahh there is nothing better than fresh air the countryside and the beauty of nature....followed by Oi get off my land!

Anonymous said...

Red sky at night…...Gerroff my land!

Yeah Nuzz, it’s good to get away from it all and get out into the countryside on occasion. Bet you couldn’t live there though.

Anonymous said...

I should add that I've lived in both urban hell, and rural hell, and I know which one I prefer.

As Bukowski said...'Give me the cities'.

Asbo said...

So I grew up in a little country village with nice genuine people (and a few nutty farmers), then one by one we all moved away after Thatcher's right to buy on council houses saw nearly everyone sell up and make a quick profit after getting a 50% discount.
Snobby townies saw the opportunity and moved in, soon the bus services were removed and the village shops closed down as the newbies all had poncy Range Rovers and wouldn't be seen dead mixing with the locals, our village pub suddenly didn't have a dart board, and instead of a pie and a pint all you could get was a cordon bleu meal and wine if you could afford it.
The elderly were left stranded needing to travel miles to get basic supplies, so eventually they all went as well, leaving the village as an upmarket desirable location for anyone willing to spend upwards of a quarter of a million quid buying an ex-council house worth ten grand twenty years ago.
Sit in a field watching the world go by and I guarantee some busy body or the police will come and ask you what you're up to.

Did I miss the point of your post? sorry, counrty life = sore point

Anonymous said...

Same thing has happened to the coastal village I grew up in. Only the Elderly have stayed, and ghettoised the place.

The go down there for a holiday, think ’This is nice place to retire and hide away from the world’, and buy up property.

They don’t mind about the half hourly bus to town that occasionally runs on time, as they all travel for free, whilst the people working as care assistants on the minimum wage and trying to bring up a family have to pay the high fares that the independent bus company charges, and are lucky if they get a seat.

Any genuine local under sixty is viewed with a degree of suspicion by this ‘New’ population. They have a stranglehold on the local town council so block any new family homes being built, consequently younger people have to move out of their home town to buy, but oddly the numerous expensive retirement apartment blocks that are going up are perceived to be OK, and no encroaching on the green belt. Funny that.

Do I sound bitter? - Damn right!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Thanx for the great comments, and taking time to express your views, and you have every right to feel bitter about the way rural live has changed. Admittedly the point of the post was about the ‘nature’ of the country, but it was also a precursor to another post I’ve got/had planned about those rural dwelling fuckers that don’t want their idyllic live ruined by wind farms and new houses. Selfish bastards, I don’t want to see natural beauty destroyed, but I don’t wanna see towns crammed to bursting by using brown fill sites, where I live bits of green that provided a break in the concrete are getting built on, even if it’s for just 4 houses. I don’t wanna see rising fuel prices and a dependency on oil for our energy cos certain people object to sustainable sources, because it would spoil their view, which is bollocks, cos I’ve stayed in places where wind farms dominate the skyline, and that hasn’t detracted from anything, it’s these people who can afford to move to the country that can also afford the rising cost of living, exporting their selfish city ways to the rural villages. Like nature it’s all about a balance, and so long as any developments in the country are kept to a reasonable level and spread across Britain, rather than just certain areas the balance can be maintained. There is no room for this; not on my land bollocks. Nature and The countryside are precious, but not so precious that nothing can infringe on it, especially not when the future consequences of doing nothing and giving in to the old and new landed gentry, could be extremely negative for our whole society.

Asbo said...

I'll look forward to that post then Npw :)
As I've spent the last 15 years in the power industry I know a little bit about the tax fiddle con known as wind farms.