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Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Strange post this one! I’m re-posting something I posted a couple of days ago. THE ENEMY - Music For The People *A REVIEW* Reason being; that I received an email, informing me that it had been removed because:
“Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog infringes upon the copyrights of others.”
I’m a bit confused as: There was no link to download the album and the track I did post had already been available as a free download from the band anyway. The offending link has been removed, but the words are the same.
I’ve been looking forward to this release for a time. Typical NME response, build ‘em up and knock ‘em down, slightly more favourable reviews else where, but really, who believes or gives a shit what the reviewers say, I don’t expect you to rush out and buy a copy on my account, but I would say it’s worth spending yer dole money or meagre wages on, or better still a few minutes on the old internet. The band have developed into more of a Rock beast since We Live And Die In These Towns; this is not a bad thing! A bit like how The Clash did, from their debut to Give ‘em Enough Rope. Talking of the Clash, there’s a great track Don’t Break The Red Tape that is in part is a complete lift of London’s Calling with a John Lydon sneer to it, not so much a rip off, more a homage to their roots, as are The Who and Led Zep style riffs. Chuck in The Jam and a bit of David Bowie add to it some great social commentary lyrics, and there you have it; the ingredients of a great British Rock’n’Roll album, which is what this is. Music for the people? like that old dog on the insurance advert, (No! not Iggy Pop) says “Oh Yes” Here’s hoping the people give it a listen, and don’t believe everything that they read in the press. If yer looking for a copy here, yer out of luck. I’ll leave it to others to continue to kill the music biz with illegal downloads. My tongue is firmly in cheek there, cos the music biz needs and deserves a good kicking!


Longy said...

I had one of my posts removed a couple of months back and the same message. It was a 27 year old vinyl rip 7''single. I was gobsmacked.

PS Cheers for the Pete Doherty Sonic Reducer tip-off. Its as bad as I thought it would be lol.

Chris Ripple said...

I've never had one removed but myspace removed the link from one of my posts to the Form 696 petition on the grounds that I was phishing...

They left the link to 10 Downing Street however ????????

Dunno about The N.P.W's tho' 'cos (I think) officially the writer of the aforesaid article is designated as the copyright holder so that could have been the reason ?
The copyright act is a right weird bugger anyway and is so full of inconsistencies depending on what you do that the big boys use it as a catch all, and usually the law goes along with the money, but ain't that always the case ?

Thanks for Lou by the way, didn't he play Charlton with The Who round about then ?
I didn't go but my brother did and he said The Who were great but Lou was weird... or maybe it was wired ? Who knows ? It was a long time ago Them ol' Wizardo's were usually quite good quality and this one ain't bad, no sirreee...

NXP said...

Censorship sucks, keep on rockin in the "free" world.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Six Alexanders said...

I think they are acting in this manner as the download may have been `FREE` IF the new ALBUM was pre-ordered (see PLAY.COM).

So `FREE` really means `bonus track`

I dont usually look at these new band website, being an old anarcho hippie punk. Looks very commercial

GG Allin said...

Could be you posted an article you did not have the right to republish/duplicate. May have had nothing to do with actual music at all.