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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Old news!

I heard on the Radio today that there could be a hung parliament after the next General Election; on account of there being no real differences between the Labour and Tory parties anymore, there you go then proves the point that all politicians are the same! A hung parliament? Yeah! From the fucking lampposts!!


Chi said...

Hang em!Hang the lot of them from the nearest tree!Of course theres no difference between the parties- there hasnt been for ages! we need to scrap the system and start again, there can only be democracy when there is genuine choice!

perry said...

it is a sorry state. Here in Canada we have two parties that are very similar and then we have the Socialist NDP party which is very much the liberal party with some green issues, The we have the Quebec Soverinty party The Bloc Quebecouis and of of course we now have the Green Party. not one of them are worth voting for, not one of them has credability, and everyone of them should be held accountable for their actions , not the political parties but every member of parliment. Maybe then if th epopulation wakes up and gets their heads out of the sporting life to see whats going on the maybe just maybe we can emerge from the mess that all elected members of every parliment everywhere in the world have created.

Kostas said...

All politicians are not the same . Everyone of them is made by a different kind of SHIT !
... But all the shits smell the same .
What a SHAME !!!