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Sunday, 26 April 2009

LOU REED - Blondes Have More Fun

I’ve been looking for a complete and slightly better copy of this bootleg, but had no joy, so I’ve had to convert my well played tape, which is minus one track (Goodnight Ladies) from the original vinyl release on Dutch label Wizardo Records. This tape must have been copied from vinyl, cos there’s a few rustles and clicks along the way. It’s still a great listen though and captures Lou in fine form. Recorded in Sydney, Australia when he toured there in November 1974, a period in his life when drugs may or may not have been a big part of his life, like all things Lou there’s an awful lot of mythology surrounding him, but on the US dates of the world tour he’d taken to using the microphone lead as a tourniquet and shooting up or simulating shooting up on stage during Heroin, and in Australia at a press conference when asked about drugs, he said he wanted people to take drugs, because they were better than Monopoly. Check out the recording, Drugs or Monopoly you tell me. I’ve also got a Velvet Underground bootleg Evil Mothers that I’m converting, same story; taped from a vinyl copy then issued as a tape, I’ll probably post that some time in the near future, cos we’ve had some Iggy Pop, a ton of Johnny Thunders, but no Lou Reed, what have I been thinking. The unholy trinity of ‘the godfathers of punk’ is now complete. Enjoy!


ALTCERF said...

Cool post..thanks very much!

skylark said...

I've been looking for this for ages! I too have an old cassette which is incomplete.

Anonymous said...

thanks Nuzz!

MJG196 said...

Dude, this recording is widely available. In a 1CD out-of-order version and a 2CD "Complete" version w/ encores Goodnight Ladies and Rock 'N Roll.