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Thursday, 16 July 2009

Let the numbers be the words.

753,118 Total number of people estimated to have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Between 92,481 and 100,971 civilians killed in Iraq 140 British soldiers killed in Iraq
4,168 American soldiers killed in Iraq 184 British troops killed in Afghanistan 739 American soldiers killed in Afghanistan . Total number of all coalition soldiers killed in Afghanistan 1,247.…..
A whole lot of dead for a whole lot of nothing!


The Warden said...

The numbers are startling, but I've had conservatives try to argue it down, saying it's not nearly as many dead. I had no idea it was that bad. We've had over 4,000 dead here, and every night they show the faces of the dead soldiers, kids sometimes, and i think the same thing you do: All this dead for nothing; these guys and women too would be alive if it weren't for a few neocons who talked a country into an illegal invasion. Not that the Taliban shouldn't be opposed in Afghanistan, but what real progress has the coalition made there and in Iraq? If it's about hearts and minds, we're more hated than ever in that part of the world.

9/11, as gruesome as it was, was itself a reaction, blowback to the West intervening in that part of the world. There's the stat about 500,000 Iraq kids dying b/c of the U.S. embargo, and Afghanistan itself is a broken state from when Russia invaded and America armed Bin Laden and the Northern Alliance.

Anonymous said...

The recent loss of life among British troops in Afghanistan is clearly a tragedy for the families, but I too am surprised that the death toll is not higher given the ferocity and nature of the fighting.

Looking at the figures for Iraqi civilian deaths you have to wonder if the whole thing was worth it. If Saddam was still there most (But probably not all) of those 100,000 Iraqi’s would still be alive today. They of course have grieving families as well.

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Zer0_II said...
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Zer0_II said...

Our generation has been relatively lucky in comparison to the generations that preceded ours. Over 70 million died in WWII and over 16 million died in WWI. That's almost 100 million dead in two wars. I'm not trying to say that the lives that have been lost in Iraq and Afghanistan aren't important, but we have been fortunate that the level of death and destruction doesn't even begin to approach the amount which generations of the not so distant past experienced.