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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Unfinished Scribbling #1

FEAR AND TERROR! IT IS THEIR CURRENCY and some people are making a killing e.g Drugs companies,
How many people do you know who’ve had/got swine flu? How many of them have died? and How many people do you know caught up/killed in a terrorist attack? If yer answer to any of the above is none, then what have you got to fear? Surely fear is based on our actual experiences not virtual ones that we’ve read about in the papers or watched on TV.
Not to say things don’t happen, but I aint gonna spend my life being scared of what could happen. Life’s too short.
Don’t fear their fear, because that’s what they fear; Us not being scared of what they try and make us scared of.
Swine flu. Millions will blindly get themselves and family inoculated with a drug that hasn’t been tested on humans. 1st trials are taking place in Australia as I type.
Australia a country (penal)colonised by British criminals/ America it’s founding fathers were English radicals.
Diagnosis without seeing a doctor. Website crashes with 9million hits per hour. Population of Britain is around 50million, give or take the odd lorry full of illegal immigrants. That’s a lot of people shitting themselves of a temperature and a runny nose.
Or wanting a week off work, go on fuck the economy up
Britain is the worst hit country for cases of swine flu 100,000 cases a week, or 1 in 500 depending on which representation of the figures the media thinks will scare us the most.
Swine Flu a biological terror attack?


Anonymous said...

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Longy said...

Nuzz I had to go the doctors this afternoon...nothing major but as I went to touch the screen to say I've arrived at the surgery (because the receptionists have better things to do these days) there was a big sign up telling me to wash my hands first in this liquid stuff.

While I was waiting (for 40 minutes after my appointment time) this geezer sat near me was sneezing his head off and snotting like a bastard. People were getting up and walking up and down the corridor just to be away from him. Basically,the bloody surgery and its stupid swine flu sign and liquid created the fear rather than the man with a cold.

Fuck it,I'm going out in a gas mask tomorrow :-)

MJG196 said...

Dude, sit back and have a beer, put on Pipeline and relax. Take a good dump, go for a walk, and have a great day!

Anonymous said...

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