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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

This little piggy came home sick today.

Haven’t been feeling to good for the last few days; tired, aching limbs, sore throat and headache OINK! OINK! Ticking all the boxes so far (except for a temperature and the shits) for a dose Swine Flu. Well that’s if you believe the propaganda. Swine flu pandemic paranoia read all about it! My boss at work said I best go home. Before I’d got sent home from work I was having a break, and someone asked how I was feeling ,so I told ‘em. Not too well blah, blah, blah and no I hadn’t started to grow a curly tail, they then went on to tell me that they’d heard that the whole country’s was going to be given compulsory vaccinations against swine flu ermmm! Yeah right! They can stick that somewhere else other than in to my arm I wouldn’t be too keen on even choosing to get vaccinated, I mean who knows what’s really in the drug Tamiflu? and with Donald Rumsfelds company making a load of money out of it I don’t trust ‘em for a minute, call it pandemic paranoia if you like, but the whole thing stinks! I mean thousands die of the flu each year, thousands have aches and pains etc and carry on regardless, I know I do, So here I am dosed up on Paracetomol and Ibroprofen, not feeling 100% but swine flu? Nah I don’t think so! it’s just modern life sickness caused by the real pigs!


Anonymous said...

I reckon you've been telling porkies just to get off work Nuzz.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Ha, Ha, Ha, nice one anon, if only,cos I don't get paid when I aint working.

Chris Ripple said...

Ill ? You can't be ill... I've still got that Stooges t-shirt for ya ?

(Sorry, just getting into practice for the Tory landslide and the re-introducing of the me, me, me act where it becomes illegal not to hassle the sick...)
I'm joking... honestly...
ol' 'call me Dave' wouldn't do that, would he ?)
Nah... He's a nice man... A very, very, very nice man...

Seriously tho', if you want to cheer yourself up, take a gander at the ol' 'Rhythms' shots in the pics.
Joseph says 'hello, and how are you doing ?'
Still one of the nicest of blokes, as are they all (and woman) and still a rocking good bonerattling band.

See ya when you're better.

Anonymous said...

Probably worth pulling all the sickies you can Nuzz. Going on today’s news yer gonna be working till yer 70 to pay for all those free prescriptions for the elderly.