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Sunday, 12 July 2009

Life is even cheaper when war is carried out on the cheap!

A weeks along time in politics, so what’s been happening, same shit just getting different days. One lot of shit that’s been going on for far to many days, months and years Is our very own Vietnam, the pointless and futile fighting in Afghanistan. With all the news reporting, one thing puzzles me.
Why are people surprised that soldiers are being killed? It’s a war, not some Playstation/X-Box Medal Of Honour/ Ghost Recon Game. It’s the real thing and young men are dying and I’m surprised that there haven’t been more British soldiers killed, cos this is a fight the West (US and Britain) will never win. I mean, if the might of the Russian bear couldn’t defeat the Mujahidean (predecessors to the Taliban) in the 80’s, then I don’t think the cash strapped British Army and The Americans are gonna stand a chance against fanatics prepared to die for their cause. What about our cause?
What are our troops fighting for? Control of the Brown and The Black; Heroin and Oil, that’s what, yeah I know we’re told it’s ’a war on terror’ but that’s bollocks. There is no terrorist threat, other than one being created by Britain and America. The one that started way back in the 80’s when the U.S armed and backed the Mujahideen to end the Russian invasion of Afghanistan, and one that continuues with every news story of Guantanamo Bay Torture, the banning of the Burkah etc all these are another roadside bomb being planted on a dirt track in Hellmand ready to blow apart an ill equipped passing British Army land rover. Twenty years ago it would have been a Russian tank. But now the cold war has become a very hot war when it’s British soldiers dying in a fight to kill the Frankenstein monster America created, a war that despite being done on the cheap is costing Britain a lot, when we can ill afford the expense, at least with the 2012 London Olympics Britain stands a chance of winning something.

I’d just finished preparing and posting the above when I now read on the front of one of the Sunday papers that our troops are using vehicles that the US Military rejected as being unsafe. So we are fighting their war on terror against insurgents that they created with their substandard equipment, that is one special fucking relationship Britain has with America!

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Longy said...

The mate that sits next to me at Chelsea lost his nephew in Afganistan about 3 months ago. Only in his early 20's and apparently a really decent young geezer. Such a waste of life and such a pointless war which we have little or no chance of winning. Funeral Directors over here are the only fucking winners.