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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

999 - I'm Alive In '85

In February of the year of 1985, 999 paid a visit to Bowes Lyon House in Stevenage. Probably one of the biggest bands to visit the venue since The Who played there in the 60’s. 999 had been players on the 77 punk scene, Second division some say, but top flight if you ask me. Unfortunately the album they were promoting; Face To Face was/is far too much of a poppy affair, not one of their better offerings. Live however, now that was a different story; as this recording from Glasgow in May of the same year testifies. The band blast out the old classics, and a few of their stronger new ones and literally bringing the barricades down. Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean. Enjoy! The band are still knocking ‘em out today and their last album Death In Soho was a mighty fine return to form for them. I’ve been meaning to post some 999 for a while, just had to wait for the day.


Denier said...

Can't say I agree with the previous commenter, although he/she does have a way with ... symbols.

But seriously, 999 has always gotten overlooked for not being quite punk enough. All I know is they have a ton of good songs. I always liked Biggest Prize in Sport, but even their later stuff is worthwhile.

Longy said...

First Division all the way in my book. Great band. Always better live like most bands of course. Cheers Nuzz,your a diamond.

podcarlisle said...

Anyone got any tapes from the 13th floor madness tour of 1982