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Thursday, 24 September 2009

Public spending cuts? More like cunts spending the publics money! The MP’s expenses scandal seems to have all been forgotten about, a bit like the wanker bankers bonuses One year on since the financial collapse and they’re still raking it in. Union leaders aint doing too bad either. I dunno whether they're protecting the workers jobs, but they're certainly keeping their pay packets secure.

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Anonymous said...

Of course it’s all been forgotten. There was a real possibility at the height of all the banking and political crisis to do away with bankers and politicians and explore intelligently the possibilities of a new way of running things. But people fear real change. Middle England ‘Hard working families/white van man’ are unable to think outside the box, and need the status quo. Even if it ain’t working. Because in their small myopic Daily Mail reading minds, that’s all they know. They may express outrage publicly, but as long as they have the car in the garage, and the family holiday’s in Spain, and the plasma, the really do not care all that much about MP’s expenses and bankers bonuses. People are essentially out for themselves as much as the politicians and bankers.

‘tis the way of things…