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Saturday, 5 September 2009

*THOUGHTS OF THE WEEK* (29th Aug - 5th Sept)

NHS the battleground in the next election. Stories about staff having too many sick days, elderly left to lie in their own piss etc, complaints compensation big cash payouts for botched treatment. This is our money being spent to meet or cheat targets. The sacred cow, that will be either slaughtered or cut up into smaller chunks by the next government, of that I’m sure. Independent consultants employed to find out how the NHS wastes money. I wonder how much they cost?
Unemployment, a lost generation the media scream. Headlines, Deadlines….Breadline.
Soldiers are being killed and injured in a fight to bring democracy to a country where voters were still to scared to vote.
Round and round it goes. Ever decreasing circles. Life becomes a dot.
Another Dead Kennedy; Liberal champion or sponsor of terrorism. You decide!
Chinese money bails out owners of Canary Warf.
Peter ‘Meddlesome’ Mandleson meets with entertainment giant David Geffen and all of a sudden it’s clampdown time on ‘illegal music and film file sharers’ These meetings of minds always lead to something. So what do we get out of this one, Geffen gets to keep and make more money, but what about us? more shit films and music!
Rising fuel prices, despite deals with Libya, the truth is coming out. “It was nothing to do with trade!” a week later ..”err,…well…..yes…..maybe it was” WANKERS!. The people demand to know the truth! …… well no they don’t ;cos their heads are so far up their arses, they don’t demand anything except cheap credit and celebrity culture. Those that do demand and deserve the truth already know that it’s in an MP’s job description to be a corrupt self seeking liar. We need to start pulling out everyone’s head from their arses and wipe the smokescreen from out of their eyes
No more ’normal light bulbs’ it’s all energy saving from now on in. The government in a strange moment of altruism have decided that they should help us save a few quid by banning them, under an EU directive and safe the environment along the way. Well thanks but fuck off. If I wanna spend a few pence more so I can actually see what I’m typing, reading, watching etc Then I should be allowed to make that choice, as for the environment well it’s just a drop in the ocean, like the plastic bag bollocks.
It aint gonna matter anyway because even after recent ’trade deals’ we are being told to expect power cuts in the future as our resources are running low.
At the current G20 conference France and Germany called for greater controls over bonuses paid to bankers. America and Britain just wanted control over the controls, i.e. not 100% the same as European idea. Hardly news is it, I mean since when has there been 100% agreement on anything. Thought this was a time for change, or that’s what people are being led to believe is gonna be happening. BOLLOCKS! you get no change from capitalism!


Longy said...

Don't start me on light bulbs mate. I've been searching everywhere for some 100 watters but they don't seem to exist anymore. No shops are stocking them where I live and as a semi-blind bastard as it is,I ain't too happy. I actually brought an energy saving light bulb last week because it said "100 Watt" on it. 100 watt actually means 18 watt on the energy saving calculator. Well to save energy,I've put the cunt in the cupboard until I hopefully find some real 100 light bulbs. Meanwhile I'm squinting my tits off on 60 watts.

Chris Ripple said...

Hey Longy
Check out yer local Asian corner shop.
They don't just sell alcohol to schoolkids, they sell 100 watter lightbulbs too.
Well, a couple of ours do, and they're the clear ones not the opaque which means you can actually light the gloom... at least in your place... Outside it's a different matter !