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Saturday, 12 September 2009

UK DECAY - Live @ Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage 1982

Right then! Time for the final part of the UK Decay live @ Stevenage Bowes Lyon House trilogy. Date on tape says Sept 82. My memory and poster says Oct 82, so I dunno. Either way this in my opinion is the best of the three, a live greatest hits set, all the favourites are here For My Country, Unwind, Dresden, Jerusalem etc. A real spine tingling, blood curdling primeval performance that pounds and pummels it’s way into yer soul. By Dec 82 the band were no more with singer Abbo announcing at the first of a two night stint at The Klub Foot in Hammersmith that the next night would be the bands last gig. According to Abbo “It wasn’t the end, it was a new beginning” unfortunately this wasn’t the case as both Furyo and In-Excelsis the bands formed by Abbo and Guitarist Spon never came close to having what UK Decay had. Enjoy the sounds of the past in the present, and if yer into the band and haven’t done so check out their web-site, a huge resource of everything UK Decay related. Had to pinch the poster for this post from there, as my original one crumbled away a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

Cheers for all the UKDK posts, much appreciated.

Seaside Moz

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the UK Decay, don't see it too often.Just realised your site has loads of good music, i have to admit the political sloganeering puts me off a bit.Sorry. Feel free to slag-off my blog 'Intruder Alert!'. You will be the first visitor and commenter if you do..

Longy said...

Many thanks Nuzz. Loving all your UK Decay posts. Great work sir.

Kostas said...

That it's . Many thanx !!!

Unknown said...

Loads of UK Decay now on Youtube, including the full Luton Carnival set and 4 tracks in Berlin, plus the promo to ‘Werewolf’.

Just search Youtube for “UK Decay eyesaw77″.

Two sets from Aylesbury Friars and Dingwalls still to come.