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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

SOCIAL DISTORTION - Live @ Camden Underworld, London 18/9/92

Today’s musical offering comes from Social Distortion. Recorded live on their first and rather short tour of duty in Britain during the autumn of 1992. I was fortunate to catch a couple of their shows. The first was one I promoted in Stevenage, where they nearly blew the roof off the venue with their Punk’n’Roll Blues, the next one was two days later in Camden Town, London at The Underworld where they did exactly the same thing. Their set was a mix of numbers from the Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell album which they were promoting and older numbers Mommy’s Little Monster, The Creeps with some Ball and Chain, Let It Be Me from their self titled 3rd album. Drug Train gets dedicated to “Mr Johnny Thunders….A man who's influenced us through the years.” Just like Johnny, Mike Ness (singer/guitarist) is the real deal, but unlike Johnny he’s still alive, and continues Rockin’ and Rolling after spells in prison and years of heroin adiction and times in re-hab, which are well documented in his songs. Social Distortion have a new album out this year, and according to Mike Ness it’s gonna sound like “The Dead Boys meets The Black Crowes or something.” Should be well worth a listen. In the mean time have a blast of this! from 1992.


Nazz Nomad said...

Mike Ness is still alive??? Have you seen what he looks like lately?
I am going to see Social D next week- I'll let you know how it is- I'm hoping for the old skool stuff of course!

nekrodad said...

ya douche he is still alive, and still rocking. his new stuff is more thunders influenced then ever. im sick of all the clowns that only want to hear old songs. thats why these great bands get into the mode of only playing the same shit at every show.

thanks Nuzz for the bootleg

convertido said...

Thanks for this post. SD is a definite favorite around this house. I enjoy but the wife has a weakness for Mr. Ness. Thanks!

Kostas said...

One of my favorite bands

MJG196 said...

SD never really made a big dent over here. The had a couple tunes that you'd catch on MTV every once in a while, Bad Luck and Ball And Chain being the ones that come to mind. I never bought their stuff, but I never turned the channel when it came on.

Nazz Nomad said...

i wrote up the show from last nite in the usa