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Monday, 2 August 2010

Fuck The Flip-flop !

Save money, Ban the flip flop! I don’t know how much money flip flops and sandals generate for the economy, but if figures are to be believed banning them would save the Health Service some money, it’d also save some slave labour in Asia in the production of a product, that lets face it we could live without. I know I could have lived with out the ’jesus boots’ my mum made me wear until I was about 12, back then the sandal was an object of ridicule. They should also be banned on the grounds of crimes against fashion; socks and sandals aint no look, and uncovered feet aren’t the most attractive part of the body, unless you’ve got a foot fetish.


Anonymous said...

and crocs. well I had some witty comments but they were eaten by the google gerbils
great site

Anonymous said...

I miss the eight hole DM boot. Back in the eighties everyone wore them. Practical and hugely comfortable, the ideal urban footwear. Just don’t see them around these days.

Longy said...

I tried wearing flip-flops once when I was a kid and ended up with a minor head injury after stubbing my toe and falling. I'm surprised its only a 40mil bill to be honest!

Chris Ripple said...

I know... There's always one awkward sod...

I LIKE flip-flops.
I've worn 'em since I was a kid and am still wearing them, altho' unless you're wandering round a seaside resort there aren't many places to wear 'em over here.
Mine are currently on duty in Africa...
Re. 2nd Anonymous comment. I couldn't get on with D.M's for some reason, but I swear by my East German officer's army surplus Para' boots. Definitely the most comfortable things I've ever had on my feet and only re-soled once in 12 years.

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